Browse Types of Scams

Phishing in the Clouds

The Classic Scam that Lives On

Low, low rates!

Don't be tempted.

Don't Be a Target

Honk if you've been scammed...

Don't get taken to the cleaners.

It's hard to say no.

Problem, problems?

From the fire into the frying pan…

Free Cruise Ship Scams on the Rise

Money, Money, Money, Money

Fooling millions nationwide

You've got mail.

Getting the most vulnerable and needy to fork over what little cash they have.

Utility Users Beware

Clever method to snag personal and financial information

Even without a fax machine, this threat is for you.

Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity. NOT.

The Latest Homeowner Fraud

Targeting Small Business Owners

If you're sick now, just wait…

Knock, Knock. Who's There?

Imposter Calling

Too good to be true?

Consumers Duped Out of $26.5 Million

It's the classic bait and switch.

Scammers after Your Cash and Personal Information

Death. Doom. Destruction.

Potential for Significant Damage

Cash Advance. Easy Money.

"Donating" to the Campaign or Cause

Bad credit? No problem!

"Jailhouse Jingle" Phone Scam

Ready to Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show?