FBI Scam

Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity. NOT.

"This is the FBI. There's a warrant out in your name!"

Hard to believe that something this farfetched would be an effective scam. But yes, FBI Divisions across the country are warning the public to be on alert for a phone scam that spoofs, or fakes the FBl's name on the recipient's voicemail.

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What You Should Know

These low-life scammers are great actors and come prepared. Posing as FBI agents, they'll ask for their victims by name, threatening disruption, liens and arrest warrants. College students have become their newest prey, "spoofing" the FBI's phone number and demanding money for student loans.

How YouMail can help stop FBI scams today

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What you should do

Even J. Edgar Hoover in his FBI heyday didn't call private citizens threatening arrest or requesting money and today's FBI will not do so either. Always be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls. Don't feel threatened and don't give in to pressure to provide ANY personal information or funds to callers that you don't know. Trust your instincts: if an unknown caller makes you uncomfortable or says things that don't sound right, hang up. These are viscous predators, so take the extra step and file a complaint through the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.IC3.gov.

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Our best advice

Let calls from unknown and unsolicited numbers go right to voicemail. You can decide later if it's a real call that needs returning. Easily get more info on any number and decide whether to call them back or block them forever. Even see what others are saying or contribute to the YouMail Community Directory  yourself!