Visual Voicemail on Any Device

Access Your Voicemail From Every Device!

Visual Voicemail allows subscribers to view caller and voice mail information and listen to voice mail messages in any order on their devices. Scroll through your messages, pick the ones you want to listen to, erase or archive them right from your device screen.

What Does it Do?

Giant, Organized Mailbox

Your messages are stored in a giant inbox, stored forever, instead of just a few dozen with your carrier. No more "voicemail full" or losing important messages. Organize and search with custom folders - keeping every message secure from identity thieves (and those pesky paparazzi).

Voicemail To Email

Live your life in your email box?  Now all your mobile voicemail are delivered to your email, so all your messages can be stored in one place.

Voicemail To Text

Listening to voicemail messages can often be time consuming and inconvenient. Get your messages faster and respond sooner by reading your voicemail instead.*

Caller ID

Regardless of how you get your messages, YouMail identifies your missed callers, even when they are not in your phone's address book, even when they didn't leave a message, even when your phone is off. Know who really is trying to get a hold of you!

Voicemail Sharing

Easily forward voicemails by SMS/TXT or e-mail or even share them on your social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. Some voicemails are too good to keep to yourself.
*Indicates a feature requiring a paid YouMail subscription

How YouMail Works

YouMail replaces your voicemail with our intelligent call manager

Your carrier forwards missed calls to YouMail

YouMail answers instead of your carrier

Why Customers Use It

Ease of Use
  • Messages accessible on ANY device, such as laptop, tablet and mobile - in your email, in any computer browser, or by calling from a landline.
  • Reply to messages by call back or text.
  • Get onscreen access to message status.
  • Access voice messages with 1 button and get instant playback.
  • No need to dial into a message.
  • Save messages as files to easily recall important voicemails.
  • Create different folders for each type of voicemail and separate voicemails accordingly.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“The Visual Voicemail feature has literally saved me. It does so much more than your average carrier.”
“I use Visual Voicemail on two separate phones. Very easy to set up and use.”

Visual Voicemail FAQs

Q: How does visual voicemail differ from voicemail to text?
A: Visual Voicemail is the ability to see a list of who left you messages and then play voicemail in any order. Voicemail to text is the capability to actually read the content of the voicemail messages as a transcription. The YouMail services can provide visual voicemail by itself on almost any device (handsets, tablets, and computers) and it can also augment that by adding voicemail to text transcriptions.
Q: What’s the difference between YouMail’s visual voicemail and my carriers?
A: It’s a long list, but we’ll start with a few. First, you can get YouMail visual voicemail on any device. So when your cell phone isn’t handy - but instead you have a tablet in your hands - you can see, play and respond to your messages from there. Second, YouMail lets you have a giant inbox for your visual voicemail with at least 100 stored messages, saved forever, and it even lets you organize it in folders. Third, YouMail shows you when spammers are leaving you messages (or hanging up on you) and with just one tap, lets you fool them into thinking your number is ‘out of service.’ Finally, YouMail has a host of features that really enable a customized caller experience. Custom greetings and automatic replies are just a sampling of YouMail features. Your wireless carrier voicemail simply can’t do that.
Q: Is YouMail’s Visual Voicemail free?
A: Absolutely! We do not charge for the YouMail visual voicemail service, even with all of those cool features we have that your wireless carrier’s visual voicemail doesn’t have. Let us know, though, if you think we should charge for our visual voicemail because it’s so much better than any of the other services out there!
Q: Can I still use my existing visual voicemail app with YouMail?
A: No. YouMail replaces your voicemail service with a new service and a new app to access it. We have an iOS visual voicemail app, an Android visual voicemail app, and we have third party apps for Windows Visual Voicemail as well as others people have written on top of YouMail for iPhone and Android. Regardless of which visual voicemail app you choose, don’t fear – our visual voicemail app is great, and it’s likely much faster and easier to use than the one that came with your service.