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Automatic, intelligent voicemail to text transcription.

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What It Does

With Voicemail to Text, YouMail transcribes your voicemail so you can simply read your voicemail on your phone, in your email, or even by text message. Get through your messages faster and respond sooner. Even search past messages effortlessly.

How Voicemail To Text Works

It's better than your carrier or PBX System as it's fully automated using the latest and greatest speech recognition algorithms. YouMail transcription software provide highly accurate voicemail transcription in English, Spanish and Canadian French, with virtually unlimited storage.

Why Voicemail To Text is Important

When you find yourself in a meeting or on another call, you can still get your messages – without interruption or disruption. You're able to multi-task - read and respond quickly - even in a meeting or a client visit. You can prioritize faster – scan quickly and read and assess your return calls. You can scroll through several messages at once. You will never miss a voicemail notification, so you'll stay up to date. You'll save tons of time, as there's no need to take notes – transcriptions are saved and accessible FOREVER with the ability to search through individual message transcriptions using keywords.

Who Benefits from Voicemail To Text?

EVERYONE who's busy and gets a lot of voicemails!

In a Meeting?

All calls are important. So just because you're in a meeting, why take a chance of missing an important message? Certainly, you don't want to interrupt the meeting, but what if you're waiting for important information?

Already on a Call?

It's really tough to listen to voicemails when you're already on a call! But with YouMail's Voicemail to Text feature, you can be on a call and still read your voicemails!

Need to Give Great Customer Care?

When callers are your customers, you want to give them the best care possible. With voicemail-to-text feature, just knowing that you can quickly read your voicemails, you can respond that much sooner and provide great customer service.


You don't have to do a thing! Simply upgrade to YouMail Plus or YouMail Professional and we take care of the rest. After you upgrade, your new voicemail messages will start to be transcribed automatically.

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