Voicemail to Text

Read Your Voicemail!

Listening to voicemail messages can often be time consuming and inconvenient. Get your messages faster and respond sooner by reading your voicemail instead.

Why Customers Use It

With Voicemail-to-Text, you’ll get automatic, intelligent voicemail transcription – every voicemail message can be read on your phone, in your email, or sent via TXT/SMS.
  • Receive info on missed calls instantly
  • Scan quickly for the most important items in each message
  • Scroll through several messages at once
  • Access your transcribed messages anytime, anywhere
  • No need to take notes – transcriptions are saved and accessible FOREVER*
  • Search through individual message transcriptions using keywords

Why Customers Love YouMail

“Extremely time efficient to be able to read your voicemail if you’re in a meeting, rather than have to call and listen to them.”
“This is by far the most impressive voicemail to text app I've ever used on a smartphone.”

Voicemail to Text FAQs

Q: How accurate is Voicemail-to-Text?
A: Voicemail to text is fully automated using the latest and greatest speech recognition algorithms. YouMail transcription software provides highly accurate voicemail transcription in English, Spanish, and Canadian French. There will also be transcriptions that are quite good, yet may contain a few incorrect items, such as names or places. You might have a small percentage of transcriptions that may require another round or two of review and perhaps necessitate listening to a few voicemails every month or so.
Q: How much does Voicemail-to-Text cost?
A: The YouMail Plus plan and Professional plan both include Voicemail-to-Text, starting at about $5/month. These subscriptions include a so much more than voicemail transcription, including a massive inbox to store and organize your voicemail into folders. Other prized features include personalized voicemail greetings, auto reply (send TXT/SMS messages to callers when you’re unavailable) and professional customer care.
Q: Can I get Voicemail-to-Text on my business line or my home phone?
A: Absolutely. You can get YouMail and Voicemail-to-Text on any phone that supports “conditional call forwarding” – that is, on any carrier that supports forwarding busy or unanswered calls to our access numbers. That means you can get voicemail to text on a ton of different business phones. For example, you can have voicemail to text on your AT&T, Verizon, Frontier FIOS, Cox, Time Warner, Vonage phones and much more.
* Must have an active account.