What is voicemail to text?

Voicemail to text (sometimes called “voicemail transcription”) takes the audio for your voicemails and transcribes it into text. So instead of having to listen to potentially long-winded messages, you can simply read them. You can think of it as turning your voicemail messages into the equivalent of text messages. It is a very fast way to get through your voicemail messages, as it makes voicemail as easy and efficient as email or SMS.

Not only is that faster, but it means you can even take care of voicemails messages left for you when you’re in a place where you can’t listen to them, like a meeting, letting you respond more quickly and conveniently.

With voicemail to text, you’ll find that you rarely if ever have to listen to a voicemail any more (unless you want to, because it’s from your children or a close friend). But you'll still have the option to listen to voicemail messages the same way you do now.

Why get voicemail to text
from YouMail?

It used to be almost impossible to get voicemail to text, and it cost $5, $10, even $20/month, just to have a few messages transcribed. Nowadays most iPhones come with voicemail transcribed by Siri at no extra cost. And even some carriers provide it for free with their Android phones, or at relatively low cost.
So why YouMail?

YouMail provides you unprecedented freedom to read your messages on whatever device you’re happening to use – whether it is your phone, your tablet, and your computer. You can read your messages through the YouMail Voicemail App, by email or text message, or even through the YouMail web site.

But very importantly, YouMail protects you from scammers and telemarketers and the annoying messages they might leave. Voicemail to text is great, but who wants to waste time reading spam messages!

So YouMail’s voicemail to text is free, high quality, free of spam, and available on any device. Some pretty good reasons to give it a try.

How much is voicemail to text
from YouMail?

YouMail’s voicemail to text for iPhone and Android is free.

If you have typical personal voicemail volumes, you can get all your messages trancribed at no cost.

If you’re already getting voicemail to text for free in your iPhone or from your carrier, you’ll find with YouMail you’ll get a much better experience, with higher quality transcriptions, robocall blocking, spam filtering, voicemail by email and the ability to read your voicemail on any device.

And if you are one of the unlucky people paying your carrier, just switch to YouMail. You’ll save money and get a lot more features.

YouMail's voicemail to text
in action

Read voicemail on any device

Read voicemail on your phone, tablet, or computer. Use our app, website, email or text message. It’s voicemail to text, whichever way you find works for you.

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Be more productive

Get through your voicemail even when in meetings or other places you can’t listen to them. And quickly respond by email or text, so your callers don’t have to wait.

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Don’t waste time on spam

Any messages from scammers or spammers will automatically be filtered into a spam folder. No more clogged inboxes.

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Downloading the voicemail to text app is easy.
Sign up here, or get it from the App Store or Google Play.

Get started today

Downloading the YouMail voicemail to text app is easy.
Sign up here, or get it from the App Store or Google Play.

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"This application gives you all the details you want and it's very simple and easy to use."

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"This is absolutely an essential app in this day and age of so many frivolous calls."

Alexander Frank

"This app stopped me from changing my number again."

Mary Thomas

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