How the YouMail
Voicemail App Works

It’s really simple. Just download and install YouMail
from the App Store or Google Play.

When you run YouMail the first time, you’ll create a
YouMail account, and you’ll click a button to arrange to
have YouMail become your voicemail.

Then you’re off and running. YouMail will notify you
when you have new messages through push
notifications, and you’ll use the YouMail voicemail app
(with all it’s great features) as your voicemail instead of
your carrier voicemail.

Here Are the Details

Not Just a Free Voicemail App

 YouMail is much more than its voicemail app.  It’s a cloud-based free voicemail, which allows you to get your voicemail on any device, like your computer or tablet.  You can even get voicemail by email and enjoy voicemail by text.

Not Just Great Free Voicemail

YouMail also protects you from scammers, by stopping robocalls and filtering out scam voicemails from your inbox. You’ll get far fewer robocalls ringing you and far fewer annoying messages to sort through.

Not Just a Great Free Service

YouMail’s voicemail app is the tip of the iceberg. Upgrade and you can get a fully functional virtual receptionist that works with your existing number or a second phone number from YouMail.

Not Just for You!

Once you’re using the YouMail app, you’ll want your friends to use it too.  Once you are up and running, you can invite friends to YouMail and get referral credits (or even cash) that can let you have premium YouMail features at little or no cost.

Who Benefits from the
YouMail Voicemail App?

Anyone looking to be protected from robocalls
or have much better voicemail.

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