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Enjoy spam-free call control
like never before.

Enjoy spam-free communication with YouMail’s free service, including a robust spam call blocker, automatic caller ID lookup, personalized voicemail greetings, and convenient visual voicemail. Elevate your call handling with premium features on our paid services, offering professional voicemail greetings, a second phone number for privacy, an auto attendant for seamless call management, a unified inbox for all your messages, and auto replies to streamline your communication. Explore the power of call control and choose the plan that suits your needs.

YouMail’s free service offers a number of great features.

Stop spam calls

This app is a no hassle spam call blocker that will automatically stop robocalls with custom call blocking options to block calls from any number.

Truly accurate caller ID

YouMail does an automatic reverse phone lookup to identify your missed callers. No more wondering "Who called me?"

Custom voicemail greetings

Impress callers by automatically giving each one a personalized voicemail greeting, or record special greetings in your own voice.

Awesome visual voicemail

Be more productive with cloud-based visual voicemail. Get your messages anywhere, and save them forever. Even get voicemail by app, email or TXT message.

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YouMail's paid plans offer business and professional call handling features,
including a virtual number and more!

Call screening

Block unwanted calls and safeguard your privacy with YouMail's audio captcha feature, providing protection against robocallers and spammers.

Second phone number

Protect your privacy and separate work from personal life with an additional phone number, which you can send directly to voicemail or call forward to your cell phone.

Smart greetings

Appear like a big business and impress your callers with professionally recorded greetings, done by voice talent that specializes in recording custom greetings.

Auto attendant

Give your callers the VIP treatment with automated call answering and routing.

Auto replies

Automatically text your missed callers, ask them to update their caller ID, or provide them links to your calendar to make appointments or visit your website to learn more.

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What our users are saying

Benjamin J. Testimonial

"This application gives you all the details you want and it's very simple and easy to use."

Benjamin J.

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Rose B. Testimonial

"Excellent. Significant reduction in spam and my friends enjoy the personalization when they call!"

Rose B.

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Alexander F. Testimonial

"This is absolutely an essential app in this day and age of so many frivolous calls. It brings much more efficiency to your voicemail."

Alexander F.

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Mary T. Testimonial

"Love this app! The personalized greetings are amazing! You can even trick bothersome callers with some greetings. Download this app!!"

Mary T.

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Frequently asked questions

YouMail's free service offers robust spam protection by automatically stopping robocalls and providing personalized call blocking options. It also offers accurate caller ID through automatic reverse phone lookup, ensuring you always know who's calling you. These features work together to keep unwanted callers away from your phone.

YouMail's free features offer several improvements to your daily life. These include automated call blocking and spam protection, which contribute to a quieter and more private phone experience. Additionally, the time-saving visual voicemail feature allows you to conveniently read your messages in various formats, saving you time and streamlining your communication. With professionally recorded greetings, you can project a more polished image to callers, all while enjoying the flexibility of accessing these features across different platforms, ensuring your communication remains efficient and organized.

YouMail's paid plans provide access to a range of premium features such as call screening for maximum spam call protection, second phone numbers, smart greetings, auto attendants, and auto replies. These features can greatly benefit you by enhancing your call management, improving your professional image, and saving you time.

YouMail's paid features are designed to elevate your communication experience. Call screening and second phone numbers enhance privacy and reduce disruptions, while smart greetings project a professional image to callers. Auto attendants ensure efficient call routing, and auto replies save you time by automating responses to missed calls. These premium features collectively empower you to have greater control over your calls, present a polished image, and streamline your communication, ultimately making your overall experience more efficient and productive.

With YouMail, you can customize your voicemail greetings in two ways:

  • Custom Voicemail Greetings: Automatically give each important caller a personalized voicemail greeting, or record special greetings in your own voice.
  • Smart Greetings (Paid Plans): If you choose a paid plan, YouMail offers professionally recorded greetings by voice talent specialists to make your greetings sound like those of a big business.

Yes, YouMail offers an awesome visual voicemail feature that allows you to read your messages anywhere, whether it's in text, email, or through the app. This flexibility allows you to stay productive and access your voicemail messages conveniently from various devices and platforms.