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YouMail ensures your clients get a memorable and impactful impression whenever they call you, either greeting your caller by name, or with a recorded message, just for them. Great voicemail greetings can make the difference between a hang up/wasted message and a real connection, whether it's for work or play. No more boring one-size fits all carrier voicemail greetings!

How Personalized Voicemail Greetings Works

By default, YouMail uses a Smart Greeting, which greets every caller by name. You can also record a greeting for everyone, choose a pre-recorded greetings from the free YouMail Greetings Catalog, or even upload an audio file you particularly like. On top of that, you can have different greetings for different callers, and you can switch between greetings in an instant.

Why a Personalized Voicemail Greeting is Important

It's always disappointing when someone calls and gets voicemail, especially when they get a standard, boring carrier voicemail greeting. However, when they are greeted by name or personalized message, they're much more likely to feel good about the experience and leave a message. That stops phone tag, and makes it less likely a missed call as a bad experience.

Who Benefits from
Personalized Voicemail Greetings

You do! No one wants a lot of hang up calls, or to lose business because their callers aren't happy. YouMail's smart greetings or your own personalized greetings will delight your callers, and make them feel they're talking to your own personal assistant, even when they couldn't get a hold of you.

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