Great Caller Experience with Voicemail Greetings

Smart Voicemail Greeting!

Voicemail greetings can make the difference between a hang-up/wasted message and a real connection, whether it’s for work or play. Use the opportunity to be memorable and make an impactful impression. Bypass your existing carrier voicemail greeting in favor of YouMail’s voicemail greetings.

Choose from three different types of voicemail greetings: Smart Greetings, Personal Greetings, and Pre-recorded Greetings from the free YouMail Greetings Catalog. You can switch between multiple greetings in an instant or assign different greetings to different callers.

Why Customers Use It

Caller Care
  • Greets your callers by their first name and your first name.
  • Gives potential clients a better first impression.
  • Choose to have your website or email included with your message.
Multiple Options
  • Upload an audio file, type-in your greeting for custom voice recording.
  • Record your own greeting directly into your phone’s microphone.
  • Greetings Catalog is a huge collection of pre-recorded voicemail greetings uploaded by other subscribers.
  • Browse the greetings by theme, search by name and add to your account.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“Very professional greetings for callers who can’t reach me – and I get compliments all the time.”
“It’s like having a personal assistant year round.”

Voicemail Greetings FAQs

Q: What types of voicemail greetings does YouMail have?
A: YouMail has three types. First, a smart voicemail greeting will greet your caller by name, like this “Hi Diana, you’ve reached Matthew, who is unavailable.” Second, a user-recorded greeting (choose anything you like). Third, an uploaded audio file as a greeting. Finally, a community greeting, which is a pre-recorded greeting selected from a large set of greetings provided by our users.
Q: Does YouMail charge for voicemail greetings?
A: YouMail’s provides tons of free voicemail greetings – so you can have the smart greeting, user-recorded greeting, uploaded greetings and community greetings at no charge. YouMail also provides a professionally recorded greeting, which is a special version of our smart voicemail greeting, to our paid users.
Q: Can I upload my own voicemail greetings that I create?
A: If you’re thinking about a voicemail greeting with your 30 second killer rap or awesome guitar solo? Yup, it’s easy to upload those, and you can set it up so only your callers get that greeting or so that other YouMail users can use their greeting. If you’re thinking about a professional voicemail greeting you paid someone to create? That’s also super easy to upload.
Q: Can I have different greetings for different callers?
A: Yes, there’s no reason your Mom and your Boss and your old friends from college should hear the same greeting. With YouMail, you choose who hears what – it’s very easy to select a contact and then select the voicemail greeting that contact will hear – just a few taps in the app or clicks online.