Always Know Who’s Calling

Search Unknown Numbers!

Find out who’s calling by looking up the number on YouMail’s reverse phone lookup directory.

With YouMail Reverse Lookup, you can search for the caller details of any number in the US or Canada – landline, mobile, business or person. Use Reverse Lookup to learn a caller’s name, business, location, and even view a photo ID or website link if it’s available. Quickly get in touch with the callers who are important and don’t worry about the ones you don’t know.

Why Customers Use It

Ease of Use
  • Simple, straightforward results.
  • Easily search for phone numbers in one click in our easy-to-use phone directory.
Greater Accuracy
  • Much more effective and accurate than just a Google search.
  • Unmask mystery callers and anonymous texts before you respond.
  • Identify telemarketers, robocallers and debt collectors.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“Really accurate information about each caller that allows me to filter out the unwanted calls.”
“Reverse Phone Lookup is so dependable and truly functional. It flags spoofed numbers and spammers.”

Reverse Lookup FAQs

Q: How do I do a Reverse Phone Lookup with YouMail?
A: We have buttons to tap in our visual voicemail app and any email alerts to learn more about any number that calls. We also have a reverse phone lookup directory, where you can type in any phone number and we will do a full reverse phone lookup to tell you the name and location for that phone number.
Q: What does YouMail’s Reverse Phone Lookup know about the number?
A: We generally provide the name, location and local weather. We also have an indication about whether or not the number is likely to be a telemarketer or robocaller, and we often have a long list of comments by YouMail users.
Q: Can anyone see the results of a reverse phone lookup?
A: If you’re using our reverse phone lookup directory, anyone can see the location and comments associated with a phone number. However, we require that you create or have a free YouMail account to see the details, such as name or comment section. Signing up only takes a minute or two. Our apps, like YouMail and WhoAreYou, look up every number that calls automatically and show the name.
Q: Is this a free reverse phone lookup? Or do I have to pay?
A: It’s totally free. We think people should be able to do reverse phone lookups without having to pay. It’s important to our customers to get a sense of who might have called and to know what others have discovered about that number.