We support investigations of calling fraud

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REPORTS that help you understand the scope, impact, and source of problematic or fraudulent calling campaigns in your area.
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EVIDENCE to support court action to take down or prosecute those responsible for a particular campaign.
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ANALYSIS by our team of experts of data from billions of calls and thousands of calling campaigns.
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We're unique and
cost effective
from anecdotes to
real, scalable data

Our data is collected from real
phone calls to real consumers, on
all major carriers.
Our data is meaningful in
almost all geographies.
We charge based on the population of the area, and the depth of data required.
We can provide simple overviews or extremely deep dives.

Case Studies

YouMail has already participated in major investigations that have had an impact!

The Largest Robocalling Fine In History

The Largest Robocalling Fine In History

The FCC recently announced a $225 million fine against Rising Eagle Capital Group for making roughly one billion spoofed robocalls. We provided examples of call records that demonstrated their illegal activity to US Telecom to traceback these calls to the source carriers, as well as compelling evidence and estimates of the scale of their robocall volume. This was critical to the efforts to build a case.

Shutting Down Covid-19 Scams Before They Could Cause Harm

Shutting Down Covid-19 Scams Before They Could Cause Harm

As told in the Wall St. Journal, back in late March, 2020, we helped shut down a coronavirus robocall scam – before anyone else had even seen it get going! We detected it within 24 hours of it starting up, provided examples for traceback which identified the source carriers, and within days we helped verify the sources of the calls had been shut off.

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