Successfully Stop Robocalls. Forever.

Block Calls and remove any and all numbers from robocaller lists - FOREVER.

We protect our customers from spammers and other unwanted callers (i.e., IRS Scam Calls). And it’s 100% totally free.

How Does YouMail Stop Robocalls?

Smart Blocking

Known spammers and robocallers hear "This phone number is out of service", so they stop calling from any of the numbers they might use, not just the one that called you. You just ignore calls from numbers you don't recognize.

Custom Blacklisting

Have an ex- or debt collector or stalker who doesn't get the hint? One tap adds them to a personal blacklist, so they hear your number is out of service. No more blocking them on your phone only to have them keep leaving voicemails.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Easily get any more info on any number and can decide whether to call them back or blacklist them forever. Even see what others are saying or contribute yourself to the YouMail Community Directory.

YouMail Knows Robocalls

YouMail provides the YouMail Robocall Index, which estimates and tracks the size of the robocall problem in the US. And YouMail's solution is well known too:

Why Customers Use It

It Works
  • Blocks – and permanently ‘blacklists’ - any unwanted caller and sends them directly to voicemail (today, tomorrow and forever) without ringing your phone.
  • Respond to unwanted callers with “this number is out of service”.
  • Your number will then be taken off their call lists for all the telemarketer’s numbers (not just those ‘blacklisted’).
We’re the Experts
  • YouMail Robocall Index for an up-to-date report of top spamming phone numbers in the U.S.
  • The only definitive robocall data, index updated monthly.
  • Successfully blocking over tens of millions of calls.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“Love it. Great App overall and is especially great for blocked or unwanted callers. I just don’t have to bother with robocalls anymore.”
“It’s awesome. It shows who is calling and has already rejected one telemarketer that’s been calling day and night. Totally happy!”

Stop Robocalls FAQs

Q: How does YouMail stop robocalls from telemarketers and spammers?
A: YouMail has proprietary, patent-pending technology called "Smart Blocking" that recognizes when these calls hit our platform and plays them an ‘out of service greeting.’ These robocallers and telemarketers hear that greeting and generally assume your phone number is now out of service. That causes them to take you off their call lists, so they stop calling. Forever. We effectively block calls at the source, so they never happen, and so you don’t have to block calls one at a time!
Q: Do I have to do anything special to stop robocalls besides installing YouMail?
A: Once YouMail replaces your voicemail, just ignore any call that comes from a number you don’t recognize. Those calls are routed to YouMail and our technology will determine whether it’s a robocaller and automatically play the out of service greeting. If one is missed, all you have to is tap the giant circle/slash on the voicemail or hangup page in our apps after the call, and that helps YouMail learn which callers need to be ignored.
Q: Does YouMail only block robocalls on mobile phones?
A: No, YouMail can stop robocalls for your home and business lines too. All you need is the conditional call forwarding feature so you can arrange for missed calls to go to YouMail. (Don’t worry, when you sign up, YouMail figures out your carrier and will tell you what to do for your specific carrier.) It really is that simple to get rid of robocallers and telemarketers forever.
Q: What will it cost me to stop Robocalls with YouMail?
A: Nothing, YouMail is free. The lawyers do want us to say that assumes you have enough minutes in your phone plan to cover any minutes for forwarding calls for YouMail (which is true for most people), and that your carrier won’t charge you to set up conditional call forwarding (which is true for most of them).