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Eliminate Unwanted Callers

Play an out of service message to unwanted callers, telemarketers, and spammers so they stop calling.

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Here Are the Details

What It Does

YouMail automatically blocks generally unwanted robocallers – like telemarketers, spammers, scammers, and debt collectors. Unlike any other service, though, it also convinces them your phone is out of service so they take you off their calling lists. This stops them from calling from other numbers, and leads to far fewer unwanted calls. On top of that, it doesn't let them leave voicemails, keeping your inbox clean.

How Call Blocking Works

YouMail keeps a large list of up to 500,000 generally unwanted robocallers at any one time. It also lets you add numbers to that list, like an ex- that you want to stop calling. When these numbers call, your phone won't ring, they'll hear an out of service message, and YouMail will hang up on them. That message fools them into thinking your number is out of service, so they stop calling from any number they might use. They also can't leave an annoying voicemail either. YouMail also notifies you by whenever it blocks a call and tells you why it was blocked.

Why Call Blocking is Important

We have statistics that show almost 50% of the calls people get in any given month are unwanted. 50%! And tons of them are scammers, out to take your money or identify. YouMail's call blocking effectively screens your calls and eliminates the vast majority of the bad callers so you can focus on the calls that matter. Save time and take back your privacy.

Who Benefits from Call Blocking?

Absolutely everyone! Who wants to waste time on calls that aren't important?


Once you've downloaded the YouMail app just follow the setup wizard. Easy!

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