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What It Does

Callers simply dial your cell and then push 8 to join the conference room. Make it super easy for your conference call participants – no pins or funny numbers to remember. It's that simple.

Automatic Announcements

Participants arriving or exiting are announced by name automatically. No need to record names when joining.

Automatic Summary

Receive an automatic summary at the end of your teleconference with participant info and call time. Easy to forward and follow up. Participants using their cell will be texted a summary too.

Why You Need Conference Calling

Want to connect with a group of people quickly? Need more to be more efficient? Conference calls are a great way to accomplish both. But why spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive, sub-par solution?

Can't Schedule a Face to Face Meeting

Sometimes face to face meetings just don't happen, so conference calls are a great option. Unfortunately, few people enjoy the dial-in process (10-digit codes, PIN numbers, introductions, etc.). With YouMail, your cell number becomes your personal conference room. Just email/text people your cell number and call time. They call your cell and press 8. They're in.

Group Texts Get Cumbersome

Need to engage with a few people at once? Group texts can be a helpful approach when you need to engage with few people at once but can quickly get out of hand.

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Once you've downloaded the YouMail app, you're on your way! Simply invite your callers (via email, text, or phone) to dial your cell number. They press 8 once they hear your voicemail. They are in. That's it!

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