Focus on the Calls that Matter

Focus on Calls that Matter

Nuisance calls are a top complaint, but how can you block them, beyond listing your number on the ‘Do Not Call Registry,’ which is ignored by scammers making live and automated calls? Blocking a call through your carrier just means the caller can’t call you. They can and will still leave you a voicemail. Stop unwanted callers from doing both with easy Call Blocking. YouMail’s Call Blocker feature helps eliminate unwanted callers and permanently block telemarketers and stop robocalls.

Why Customers Use It

Gone Today
  • Save time and take back your privacy by blocking calls.
  • Respond to unwanted callers with “this number is out of service”.
  • Callers won’t be able to call you OR leave you a message.
Gone Forever
  • Blocks – and permanently ‘blacklists’ - any unwanted caller and sends them directly to voicemail (today, tomorrow and forever) without ringing your phone.
  • Your number will then be taken off their call lists for all the telemarketer’s numbers (not just those ‘blacklisted’).

Why Customers Love YouMail

“I’ve eliminated so many unqualified calls with call blocker, and so I have so much more time to focus on my customers.”
“I’ve been able to block numbers before they even call me. It’s been fantastic!”

Call Blocker FAQs

Q: How does the Call Blocker actually work?
A: When you ignore a call on your iPhone or Android, the call goes to YouMail. YouMail determines whether or not this particular caller is one you don’t want to hear from – either because you told YouMail explicitly, or because it’s on our blacklist of known spammers. Those callers get to hear an ‘out of service’ greeting. When robocalls and telemarketers hear that greeting, they take you off the list and don’t call again. Since many spammers share that list, YouMail gets you off many different lists at one time. Effectively, you are call blocking at the source, preventing the unwanted calls from ever being made.
Q: How does YouMail know who the telemarketers and robocallers actually are?
A: YouMail has a patent pending "Smart Blocking" technology which combines call patterns, feedback from users and various databases to predict which callers are unwanted. YouMail has answered billions of calls and received feedback from millions of users, so there is plenty of data to work with. That data is then used to block many tens of millions of telemarketer calls and robocalls.
Q: Can I stop other callers besides telemarketers and robocallers?
A: Yes, you can easily and effectively block anyone you like (think: annoying ex, collection agency). The caller will hear that your phone is out of service and get the hint. All it takes is tapping the big circle-slash in the YouMail app that you’ll see whenever they call.
Q: Is YouMail’s Call Blocking free?
A: Yes, it is. YouMail’s free service includes all the call blocking features described above – and will help you finally get free of telemarketers and robocallers. In fact, it’s a major reason why people get YouMail.