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Our call blocker app for iPhone and Android stops nuisance calls by automatically playing them an out of service message, and preventing them from ringing your phone or leaving you voicemail. Watch nuisance calls all but disappear. The "Do not call" registry doesn't work, since it's ignored by scammers making live and automated calls – so you need our call blocker to eliminate those unwanted calls from telemarketers, scammers, debt collectors, and others.

How the Call Blocker Works

YouMail's call blocker is a simple app download that gets you taken off the bad guy calling lists. Once you're running the app, it'll recognize when bad guys call, prevent the phone from ringing, and play them an out of service message. Even better, after it plays the out of service message, it hangs up on them, so they can't fill up your voicemail box with garbage. And don't worry, YouMail will tell you when it blocks a call and why. There's no better feeling than seeing that an "IRS Scam was blocked".

Why a Call Blocker is Important

To protect yourself from scam calls, and annoying telemarketers, you need a call blocker to filter out those calls. You don't want to waste time answering a call, only to have them try to scam your identity or get your credit card number. Downloading and installing YouMail's call blocker will stop those irritating and annoying calls, protect you from scammers, and save you time.

Who Benefits from Call Blocker?

Anyone who gets unwanted calls, which these days is just about everyone!

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