Easily Convert Voicemails to Emails

Convert Voicemails to Emails!

With YouMail’s Voicemail to Email, voicemails are delivered to your email providing you with a centralized location and record for messages. Accessible from any device – phone, computer or tablet – voicemail to email messages are ideal while on-the-go providing the ability to access messages at anytime and anywhere.

Why Customers Use It

  • Get voicemail to email messages on any device, whether phone, computer or tablet.
  • Discretely access messages even while in a meeting or with clients.
  • Process is 100% automated and easy to use.
  • Conveniently multi-task even when accessing messages.
  • Quickly recognize and act on most important messages needing attention.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“The Voicemail to Email feature is perfect when I’m in meetings and can’t listen to voicemails.”
“Great feature for keeping track of my messages.”

Voicemail to Email FAQs

Q: How does voicemail to email work?
A: YouMail captures your voicemails and then sends you an email whenever you get a voicemail or a missed call. That email contains a WAV or MP3 attachment you can download to play on your computer (or other device), as well as a “Play Button” which takes you to a mobile web page, with an embedded player. Your choice.
Q: Why would I want to use voicemail to email?
A: Voicemail to email works best when you have turned on voicemail to text. Then you can simply read your voicemail as if they had been sent to you as emails, getting all of your messages in one place. That makes it convenient so you don’t have to use multiple apps to get through your messages. You can also then easily share messages simply by forwarding emails.
Q: Is voicemail to email free?
A: Yes, YouMail includes free voicemail to email. It’s part of the free YouMail Essential plan, along with visual voicemail, custom greetings, robocall blocking and much more.
Q: What if I want to send copies of my voicemail to multiple email addresses?
A: Our YouMail Professional service lets you provide a list of email addresses, each of which gets a copy of every voicemail. It enables your partner or assistant to get copies of your messages to handle them if you’re too busy.