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Whether you're on Verizon, AT&T, Cingular, or any of the others, there's a better way to get your messages. 100% automated, you can get voicemail to email messages on any device, whether phone, computer or tablet. Once you have an email with your voicemail, you can treat your voicemail just like email. You can use your email account as an archive for important voicemail messages, and you can effortlessly forward your voicemail to ANYONE!

How Voicemail to Email Works

YouMail captures your voicemails and then sends you an email whenever you get a voicemail or a missed call. That email contains a WAV or MP3 attachment you can download to play on your computer (or another device), as well as a "Play Button" which takes you to a mobile web page, with an embedded player.

Best of all, there are advanced features like automatic email forwarding that lets you provide a list of email addresses, each of which gets a copy of every voicemail. It enables your partner or assistant to get copies of your messages to handle them if you're too busy. (And if, you have voicemail to text turned on, you can simply read your voicemail.)
You're a busy person, juggling LOTS of activities. So why waste precious minutes listening to voicemail messages when you can read your messages quickly and easily. You can get voicemail to email messages on any device, whether phone, computer or tablet. You can discretely access messages even while in a meeting or with clients.

Who Benefits from Voicemail to Email?

EVERYONE who's busy and gets a lot of voicemails!

You Need a Paper Trail

Your cell messages end up in your email inbox. You can save the email, with the original voice message intact, onto your hard drive. This is ideal when messages are related to transactions. It's ideal for record keeping.

You Have Co-Workers or Partners

You're working with others and need to keep them in the loop. Voicemail to Email is a great feature to keep everyone informed.

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