Voicemail Messages - Saved Forever

Save Voicemail Messages Forever!

The Voicemail Archiving feature gives customers the ability to save and archive voicemail messages as files. These archived messages can be stored on a desktop or saved to the cloud via Box or Dropbox for quick and easy retrieval.

Why Customers Use It

Ease of Use
  • One-click archiving and retrieval.
  • Storage on desktop or the cloud.
  • Eliminates need for taking notes from your caller.
Record Keeping
  • Create folders for people, clients or customers as needed.
  • Ideal for maintaining a paper trail.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“Voicemail Archiving means that I don’t have to write everything down.”
“Knowing that I don’t have to “remember” the details of the message is a big deal for me, especially because I’m in the car a lot.”

Voicemail Archiving FAQs

Q: What is voicemail archiving?
A: Voicemail archiving lets you store voicemails permanently on YouMail’s servers, organized in folders you create. The ultimate benefit is that you don’t have to worry about storing voicemails you want to keep on your own computer or devices (if your carrier’s voicemail even lets you do that). It also means you don’t have to keep hitting save all the time or seeing voicemails disappear.
Q: How many voicemails can I store?
A: How many voicemails do you want to store? With the free YouMail service, you can store up to 100 messages, FOREVER. With our premium services, you can have virtually unlimited storage or transcribed messages (the limit is 10,000 but no one has hit that yet).
Q: How do I archive voicemail?
A: Tap a button. Seriously, the apps provide access to all the folders you create to store your voicemails, so you can easily archive voicemails into those folders with just a tap. You can also access these archived voicemails easily from our web site.
Q: Can I download all my archived voicemails easily?
A: Yes, we provide a bulk download feature on our web site. Tap a button and we create a zip file of all your voicemails that you can download easily. This is great for when you need to provide records of your voicemails, like you might have to do in response to some sort of court order.