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Permanently save voicemails as files or upload to the cloud with Box or Dropbox.

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What It Does

Voicemail archiving lets you store voicemails permanently on YouMail's servers or in the Cloud, organized in folders you create. It provides one-click archiving and retrieval, and eliminates the need for taking notes from your caller. Create folders for people, clients or customers as needed to help maintain a paper trail.

How Voicemail Archiving Works

The app makes it easy. With just a tap, you can archive, retrieve and set up folders.

Why Voicemail Archiving is Important

Chances are that your existing carrier lets you archive a very small number of voicemails, perhaps up to 25 messages. That's fine for some, but certainly not ideal. With YouMail, you can store up to 100 voicemails (even more with our Professional Plan – up to 10,000!). Best of all, your callers won't hear the dreaded "mailbox is full" message.

Who Benefits from Voicemail Archiving?

Everyone who gets a lot of important voicemail messages, or just wants a better way to store and access records.


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