Fax Delivery Scam

Even without a fax machine, this threat is for you.

"Fax received with a civil complaint against you!"

No matter that Fax machines are waning in popularity, this scam remains just as relevant today as it was in its heyday in 1995. Believe it or not, this is a very "successful" scam! It frightens most people into either pushing a key on their phone or returning the call in general. The goal, of course, is to get your money.

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What You Should Know

Scammers call with the news that they've recently received a fax with a complaint or warrant in your name. The message adds that they will send the documents to appear in court. In a different variation of the scam, a "private investigator" might call you saying there is a complaint against your phone number. All messages urge you to call immediately to rectify the matter.

Once you call the number, an 'agent' will pick up the call and start processing your claim. Scammers will ask for more personal information for confirmation. In the end, they will ask for a fee to drop the case.

How YouMail can help stop fax delivery scams today

YouMail is the leading solution for getting rid of robocalls and we are proud that our customers are protected from scammers, spammers, and other unwanted callers. Best of all, it's a 100% free service available for everyone!

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What you should do

Here's advice from the FCC: "Civil complaints never come your way as a recorded message. Just ignore it, nobody will come after you. Even if you call the number provided, never pay a fee over the phone. In addition, look at the phone number as well, see if it's a hot-line (might start with 1-800 or 1-888 or 1-866). You might be charged premium".

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Our best advice

"The best thing you can do is ignore all calls from numbers you don't recognize. Let it go to voicemail. It's really your best defense for filtering out robocalls and scammers. Easily get more info on any number and decide whether to call them back or block them forever. Even see what others are saying or contribute to the  YouMail Community Directory yourself!