Pre-Approved Loan Scam

Bad credit? No problem!

"Congratulations! You've been Pre-
Approved for a loan of up to...$$!"

Sure, we all get mailers from our bank with new loan offers and financing options. But what about those annoying telemarketers or robocalls announcing you're the lucky recipient of a pre-approved loan? Chances are that those are scams aimed at conning you out of your hard-earned cash.

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What You Should Know

The scam starts with a simple phone call from a supposed "lender" offering a great guaranteed rate on a "pre-approved" loan. The caller will emphasize that a poor credit history is no problem at all. In fact, they will ignore your credit history completely. All that's needed is a one-time fee of $200 (or more!) to secure the loan.

Of course, there's no such thing as guaranteed approval. (Too many variables can change between when you actually apply for a loan and when you receive an offer.) And any time you're asked to make payments upfront, it's a huge red flag. There should never be a case in which you need to give your credit card information to make a payment before you get funded.

How YouMail can help stop pre-approved loan scams today

YouMail is leading the charge against robocalls and scams. Our proven solution protects consumers from scammers, spammers and other unwanted callers. Best of all, it is a 100% free service available to everyone!

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What you should do

Whether the caller is a real person or a robocaller, hang up! If you're prompted to press a number, don't do it! It's dangerous and could have longer-term repercussions for identity theft. What if you get conned into taking the call? Don't provide any personal or financial information. And remember that numbers can be spoofed (caller ID will be fake). Report them and other Do Not Call violations to or 1-888-382-1222.

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Our best advice

Our philosophy is simple. Let calls from unknown callers go to voicemail! It's the best defense against getting scammed. Need to get the specifics on the number? Check out  YouMail's online phone directory  to see if that number has negative reports or is from a known scammer.