Electric Bill Scam

Utility Users Beware

"Time to Pay!"

The electric bill scam targets utility users with fear and threats. The most common practice is to pose as a utility company representative demanding payment for a past due invoices with the threat of immediate power shut-down.

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What You Should Know

This is a widespread scam, frequently targeting small businesses. In many cases, the customer is told to use a pre-paid debit card, such as a Green Dot/MoneyPak card, or a money transfer service like Money Gram or Western Union. In at least one case, the victim was directed to pay in person at a physical location.

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What you should do

It's good to know the facts. If your account is past due, your utility company will send you a written notice of your account status, with instructions on how to avoid disconnection of service. While a representative may call a customer to remind them that a payment is due, the representative would explain how a payment can be made using various payment options. They won't demand your bank information or credit card number over the phone.

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Our best advice

Let calls from numbers you don't recognize roll to voicemail. Voicemail is your greatest asset against fraud. YouMail identifies known scam callers. They will hear an "out of service" message and the scammers will take you off their list and move on. Need to get the specifics on the number? Check out  YouMail's online phone directory   to see if that number has negative reports or is from a known scammer.