Debt Collector Scam

Money, Money, Money, Money

"Pay Up Now or Else!"

Just like the song says, people like to do bad things for money. In fact, these debt collector scam artists take on abusive and harassing tactics to frighten you into providing bank and other personal information.

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What You Should Know

Scammers will call and pose as collection agencies. More than likely, they will have already accessed your personal information through identity theft or by obtaining your credit report. As a result, they'll look pretty legitimate. They'll know what you owe, making the scam seem very believable. They'll often be abusive and harassing, demanding immediate payment through some combination of mail, phone, website, or debit card. But remember, whatever money you fork over, isn't going to your credit card bill. It's going right into the scammer's pocket.

How YouMail can help stop debt collector scams today

YouMail is the leading solution for getting rid of robocalls and we are proud that our customers are protected from scammers, spammers, and other unwanted callers. Best of all, it's a 100% free service available for everyone!

Here are a couple of REAL voicemails
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What you should do

Don't pay a single penny and don't give away any of your personal information. Do some research to find out if the caller is legitimate or not. Search the caller's origination phone number and call the original creditor to find out for sure if they've sent your account to a collection agency.

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Our best advice

The best thing you can do is ignore the calls. Scammers want quick turnaround and easy prey. If you won't respond, they will move on to someone who will. Need to get the specifics on the number? Check out YouMail's online phone directory  to see if that number has negative reports or is from a known scammer.