Forward your Voicemail Messages

Easily Forward Voicemails!

Use Voicemail Forwarding feature to send voicemails to other email addresses. Keep your teams up-to-date and well-informed without rewriting the message contents. Additionally, auto-forwarding sends any unopened voicemail messages to another email address. Forward your voicemail to a colleague or assistant to make sure important messages are always taken care of even if you are not available.

Why Customers Use It

  • One-click auto-forwarding.
  • Send voicemails to another contact’s phone if they are also a YouMail member.
  • Ability to add a custom message to include with your auto-forwarded voicemail.
Customer Care
  • Communicate important messages faster – nothing falls to chance.
  • Voicemail messages get and stay organized.
  • Voicemails may be sent to your email address to keep track of all messages (voicemails and emails) from one contact in the same place or to refer to an important voicemail later.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“Voicemail Forwarding is super useful for a small business owner like me. Everyone stays in the loop.”
“Such a great feature. Customers think we are a much bigger company that we are.”

Voicemail Forwarding FAQs

Q: What is automatic voicemail forwarding?
A: Automatic voicemail forwarding is when more than one person gets a copy of every voicemail that comes in. For example, you can provide a list of recipients for every voicemail to make sure your assistant or your spouse gets a copy of all of the voicemails.
Q: What is conditional voicemail forwarding?
A: Conditional voicemail forwarding is when only some voicemails are forwarded based on rules you’ve set up. For example, you can have only voicemails that haven’t been played for a period of time, like an hour, go to an assistant or partner, so that you are sure that voicemails from clients or potential leads get returned quickly.
Q: How hard is voicemail forwarding to set up?
A: It’s really easy! There’s a setting, called auto-forwarding, and you simply enter the emails of people who will get your forwarded voicemails and you can check a few boxes to tell us the conditions when YouMail should forward those voicemails.
Q: YouMail lets you forward any individual voicemail for free to whoever you want. Automatic and conditional voicemail forwarding is a premium feature that’s part of YouMail for Business, and is a unique feature to YouMail.
A: We think so. At YouMail, we have sent many hundreds of millions of these auto-replies on behalf of our users. Most people like getting the instant response, and love having a way to turn a phone call into a text message or email messaging session.