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What It Does

How to forward a voicemail? The old way was to email them one at a time. No longer. Just set up some simple rules that tells YouMail when to forward voicemails to other people, either by email or by dropping them into their voicemail box. For example, you can just forward voicemails you don't get to within an hour to your partner. That way leads get returned quickly, even if you're too busy to get to the messages.

How Voicemail Forwarding Works

With just a few clicks, your cell phone becomes its own PBX system with the ability to forward voicemail messages as easily read emails – even those you haven't opened – to anyone you choose. You can include custom messages with your auto-forwarded voicemail. You can also send voicemails to your own email address to keep track of all messages (voicemails and emails) from one contact (it will be organized in the same place) to refer to an important voicemail later.

Why Voicemail Forwarding is Important

Quick response times are important to any business! With Professional Voicemail Forwarding you'll be able to leverage your extended team automatically. Clients, potential customers, business associates – you name it – their messages won't sit in your inbox for long. They will go immediately to the right person on your team.

Who Benefits from Voicemail Forwarding?

Small business owners, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs – such as contractors, realtors, accountants, plumbers and other industry service pros – who work with a variety of people depend on Professional Voicemail Forwarding to be productive and efficient.


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