Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist greets, manages and responds to your callers.

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars a month for a service that only offers a set number of calls or minutes. Our FREE virtual receptionist instantly handles, routes, and responds to your callers, personally and memorably. 24/7.

What can YouMail’s Virtual Receptionist do?

Customize Greetings

Automatically greet people by name with YouMail's Smart Greeting™, or with a customized audio recording, just for them. Or opt for a professionally recorded greeting with voice talent! No impersonal, one-sized fits all greetings here.

Respond Automatically

Automatically and instantly respond to missed callers with a custom "away" text or e-mail message so they know they matter. You can even include a picture, a logo, link to your website and a button to email you instead - or even make an appointment.*

Collect Contact Info

Your callers can easily provide and/or update their contact info, so you know exactly who called and the best way to get back to them!

Route Important Calls

Let callers press a single key to route important calls to a person of your choosing or your home or work number.*
*Indicates a feature requiring a paid YouMail subscription

How YouMail Works

YouMail replaces your voicemail with our intelligent call manager

YouMail plays a custom greeting for each caller

YouMail sends an immediate auto-reply txt

Why Customers Use It

  • Greet callers personally by name.
  • Send callers a custom away message.
  • Respond to missed callers automatically and instantly.
  • Allow a caller to press a single key to go to any number.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“I know my callers feel like they are important and taken care of.”
“There’s no way I can answer every call. The virtual receptionist means that I don’t have to.”

Virtual Receptionist FAQs

Q: How does the Smart Greeting actually work?
A: A ‘smart greeting’ greets your caller like this “Hi John, you’ve reached Nancy, who is unavailable.” YouMail uses its massive Caller ID database and your address book, and then it generates a custom voicemail greeting that includes their name. It sounds just like a person answered the phone for you. If YouMail can’t figure out who is calling, YouMail just doesn’t say their name.
Q: Tell me about the auto-reply. Is it pretty flexible?
A: Yes, you have a lot of flexibility over who gets an auto-reply to a call and when they get it. For example, if you mostly want an auto-reply to go to new people who call you (so you don’t lose new business), you can set them up so only people who aren’t in your contact list and are calling for the first time receive it. Or, for example, if you want to send an auto-reply to people who hang-up, (so they know you’re aware they called and they are important to you), you can set up auto-reply up so that only callers who hang up get the reply. The possibilities are endless!
Q: How about Call Transferring. How does that work?
A: When you can’t - or choose not to answer an incoming call, YouMail answers the call for you, and plays a professional greeting for your caller. That greeting presents the caller with some choices – for example, that they can press 0 to connect to your assistant. YouMail takes care of routing them to whatever number is associated with their choice.