What is a second phone line?

With YouMail, you can add a complete second phone line for your second phone line right to your current mobile device. You can choose from a variety of area codes and phone numbers.

Once created, people can call you directly and even receive a custom voicemail greeting. Your primary number will continue to function normally, while the new number receives texts, calls and voicemails.

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Why get a second phone line
from YouMail?

Imagine knowing when a call is personal or not from the moment your phone rings. YouMail’s affordable second phone line allows you to receive calls to multiple phone numbers, all on one mobile device.

You can keep your dedicated personal line, while operating multi line phone systems. Best of all, your messages will be stored in one unified inbox.

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How can I get a second phone number
from YouMail?

You can launch your second number today by simply downloading the free YouMail app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Then, choose and add your second phone number through the app.

You can add multiple second phone lines and even customize your number to show your personality.

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YouMail's second phone
line in action

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Choose your second
phone number

With YouMail, you can select from a variety of area code and number combinations. Each number can have its own voice greeting to provide the best experience for your callers.

Get a Second Line
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Start receiving calls

From the moment you choose your number, you can begin making and receiving relevant calls. You won’t incur any additional costs from your current wireless carrier.

Get a Second Line
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Customize your voicemail greeting

You can record a voice message or choose from pre-recorded options. When callers call your second line, they’ll receive the custom greeting, instantly.

Get a Second Line

Get Started Today

Downloading the second line cell phone app is easy.
Sign up here, or get it from the App Store or Google Play.

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Get started today

Downloading the second line cell phone app is easy.
Sign up here, or get it from the App Store or Google Play.
Download on the App Store
Download on the Google Store
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What our users are saying

Lou M. Testimonial

"Great call management application. I've been using it for several years and recently switched to the paid version which is even better highly recommended application."

Lou M.

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Kathryn M. Testimonial

"This is a terrific little phone call manager that adapted very quickly to my needs. I believe YouMail is the best of it's type."

Kathryn M.

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Julie N. Testimonial

"Looking for an app that blocks those ridiculous spam and telemarketers? This is the one, does everything it says it does! Highly recommend!"

Julie N.

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Ricardo C. Testimonial

"Love this app! Saves me a ton of time and makes me more productive."

Ricardo C.

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Frequently asked questions

YouMail gives you access to a second line with any premium plan. You can start for as low as $11.99/month and our 14-day money-back guarantee.

The YouMail multi line phone service for privacy and protection is simply the best option on the market today. Our plan allows you to pay monthly, plus receive other important features including virtual numbers, voicemail to email transcriptions and eReceptionist.

You can get your second phone line as soon as today. Simply download the free YouMail app and choose from any of our premium plans. Our app will then allow you to customize your own second line and allow callers to begin calling you directly.

While there are many great options for landline phone services, YouMail allows you to take calls directly on your current phone. You don’t need to set up or manage a separate device. You can receive calls and even set custom voicemail greetings using any mobile phone.