Professional Call Routing

Appear Like a Big Business

Easily route your callers to different departments.

Here Are the Details

What It Does

What It Does

It does far more than your carrier. Sure, you can forward your calls. But it's all or nothing. All calls forward to ONE location. That's not enough for any growing business. Callers are empowered with options and get the immediate service they need. It also costs far less than a PBX or IVR service, which can often cost hundreds of dollars a month.

How Professional Call Routing Works

How Professional Call Routing Works

When you can't - or choose not to answer an incoming call, YouMail answers the call for you, and plays a professional greeting for your caller. That greeting presents the caller with some choices – for example, that they can press 0 to connect to your assistant. YouMail takes care of routing them to whatever number is associated with their choice. You can choose up to 10 different phone numbers to redirect your missed calls to by setting a different phone number for all digits between 0 and 9.

Why Professional Call Routing is Important

Why Professional Call Routing is Important

You work hard to generate interest for your business. Whether it's a potential new customer or an existing one that needs immediate attention, plenty of callers don't like leaving voicemails. Wouldn't it be great if they could reach someone right away? With this feature (and YouMail Professional), they can!

Who Benefits from Professional Call Routing?

Small business owners, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs – such as realtors, accountants and industry service pros – depend upon Professional Call Routing to ensure their callers and customers get the immediate attention that they deserve.
Got an Assistant?

Got an Assistant?

Make it super easy for callers to reach your assistant with a quick press of a button. It streamlines the process enormously, especially if your caller needs to make an appointment or is following up with key information.

Work with a Partner?

Work with a Partner?

Callers can easily be routed to your partner (and vice-versa!) when you're not available. This is ideal when your callers have specific questions or information that only someone in charge can manage.

Want to look like a Big Business?

Want to look like a Big Business?

Offering your callers a menu of options – "press 1 to speak with Sam" "press 0 to speak with the Operator" - can greatly improve customer service. It also projects an impressive, professional image that makes your business "bigger."

Need to juggle working at the main office with days at the home office?

Need to juggle working at the main office with days at the home office?

Some days will find you out in the field, working from home or plugging into the main office. Callers need you regardless of where you are. Callers can ring your cell and then be prompted to be redirected to your office!


The feature is quick and easy to launch. A 'Set-Up Wizard' walks you through the entire process. You'll be up and running within a couple of minutes. (Remember, you must have YouMail Professional.)

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All Features


Robocall Blocking

Avoid scam and other annoying phone calls


Cloud Based Visual Voicemail

Access messages on any device


Free Conference Calls

But with no pins or funny numbers


Permanently Stored Messages

No more full inboxes or lost messages


Personalized Voicemail Greetings

Greet each caller with a personalized greeting, just for them


Voicemail by Email or TXT

Convert voicemails to emails or TXTs


Privacy Guard

Caller ID to unmask unknown callers



Read your voicemails


Unified Cell, Home, & Work Voicemail

One inbox just like your email


2nd Phone Line w/ Vanity Number

Separate business from personal calls


Professionally Recorded Greetings

Greet callers with professional voice talent


Professional Auto Reply

Respond to missed callers instantly


Auto-Attendant Call Routing

Transfer calls to up to 10 lines


Voice Message Routing

Easily forward messages to other email addresses


Professional Call Routing

Route calls to up to 10 different lines