Here Are the Details

Better Than Doing It Yourself

You could use your phone's ability to send callers a text, but you'd have to text someone each time they call your cell phone....and that's inconvenient and annoying.

Easily Promote Your Business

"With YouMail's Professional Auto-Reply, everyone who calls gets a text, and that text can take them to your web page or a content-rich, custom landing page – complete with company logo, social media buttons, and more."

Provide Alternative Ways to Contact You

Many people would rather text or email than call. The Auto-Reply can let people know how to text and email you so you have the option of interacting with them in the most efficient manner.

Automatically Update Your Contacts

No more painstakingly typing in contact info into your phone. Your callers are encouraged to provide or update their info so you always have correct information for getting back to your callers.

Never Miss a Business Opportunity

No more having your missed callers already having called another business because you were busy. No more having your missed callers wonder if you ever got or paid attention to their message.

Why Professional Auto-Reply is Important

Don't risk losing any of your hard-earned business because you can't answer you calls. Remember, plenty of callers don't like leaving voicemails. If a potential customer can't reach you, they'll often move to the next business on their list. Most people like getting the instant response, and love having a way to turn a phone call into a text message or email messaging session.


Who Benefits from Professional Auto-Reply?

Small business owners, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs – such as realtors, accountants and industry service pros – depend upon Professional Auto-Reply for greater caller care and customer service.

Getting Lots of Different Callers

Maybe you're a contractor out in the field all day and must deal with lots of different types of callers (clients, subcontractors, prospects). All or some of your callers (your choice) will receive a custom text message with a link to your very own Auto-Reply page where they can schedule meetings or simply get an update.

Caller Info is a Must

Automatically respond to new client leads and capture their contact info.

Learning More About Your Business

That's where the Digital Business Card comes in.


The Professional Auto-Reply feature is quick and easy to launch. Just go to 'Settings' within the YouMail app. Scroll down to the 'Missed Call Handling' section and click on 'Automatic Replies' and customize as needed! (Remember, you must have YouMail Professional.)

Looking for More Info on Professional Auto-Reply?

All Features


Robocall Blocking

Avoid scam and other annoying phone calls


Cloud Based Visual Voicemail

Access messages on any device


Free Conference Calls

But with no pins or funny numbers


Permanently Stored Messages

No more full inboxes or lost messages


Personalized Voicemail Greetings

Greet each caller with a personalized greeting, just for them


Voicemail by Email or TXT

Convert voicemails to emails or TXTs


Privacy Guard

Caller ID to unmask unknown callers



Read your voicemail


Unified Cell, Home, & Work Voicemail

One inbox just like your email


2nd Phone Line w/ Vanity Number

Separate business from personal calls


Professionally Recorded Greetings

Greet callers with professional voice talent


Professional Auto Reply

Respond to missed callers instantly


Auto-Attendant Call Routing

Transfer calls to up to 10 lines


Voice Message Routing

Easily forward messages to other email addresses


Professional Call Routing

Route calls to up to 10 different lines