A Personal Experience for Every Caller

Choose A Different Voicemail Greeting for Every Caller

Make your voicemail more personal or professional by setting personalized voicemail greetings for each and every caller on your contact list. Greet callers by name or with a customized audio recording with the flexibility to change greetings in an instant. With professionally recorded greetings, you can even set up specific greetings for callers from work and a more personal one for friends and family. Everyone in your contact list can have a different greeting for a very unique caller experience.

Why Customers Use It

Better Caller Care
  • Smart Greetings – Greet your callers by their first name.
  • Personal Greetings – Record your own greeting through your phone mic or upload an audio file.
  • Separate voicemail greetings according to your callers - greet personal contacts with a different greeting from your work contacts.
Fast & Flexible
  • Pre-Recorded Greetings – Browse through YouMail’s huge collection of voicemail greetings.
  • Browse by theme or search a keyword, and add the greeting to your account.
  • Type in your greeting and YouMail will turn it into a voice recording.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“The personalized custom greeting feature is a great way for me to give off the impression that I am more than a one-man-shop.”
“It’s my favorite app. I love having the option of leaving different greetings for certain people and especially the people I don’t want to talk to.”

Custom Voicemail Greetings FAQs

Q: How does the Smart Greeting actually work?
A: A ‘smart greeting’ greets your caller like this “Hi John, you’ve reached Nancy, who is unavailable.” YouMail uses its massive Caller ID database and your address book, and then it generates a custom voicemail greeting that includes their name. It sounds just like a person answered the phone for you. If YouMail can’t figure out who is calling, YouMail just doesn’t say their name.
Q: Can I still record my own voicemail greetings?
A: Yes, you can record your own greetings. In fact, you can record a greeting that everyone hears, or a lot of specific greetings that only individuals hear. You can record a special voicemail greeting for your spouse, parents, clients or partner. You can even record some greetings in one language, like English, and another greeting in another language, Spanish for example.
Q: Can I use prerecorded voicemail greetings?
A: Absolutely. You can either choose from the many thousands of greetings in our community of greetings, which has funny greetings, political greetings and much more. Or you can upload any wav or MP3 file as your greeting. This is where you can get creative. Many customers also opt to record a professional greeting.
Q: How much work is it to create custom voicemail greetings?
A: It’s no work at all if you use the Smart Greeting, as YouMail does that automatically. Recording a greeting is a just a few taps on our iPhone visual voicemail app or Android visual voicemail app – and a few more taps to set up the right people you want to hear it. Using a voicemail greeting from our collection of funny greetings only takes a few minutes to surf the community. Once you’ve chosen something, the process is effortless. (You can’t do this with your Sprint, AT&T, Verizon or T-mobile voicemails.)