Easily Transfer Calls to Another Number

Impress Your Callers with Call Transfer & Routing on your Mobile Phone

Call Transfer gives callers the option to leave you a message or be redirected to another number with a push of a button on their keypad. Offer the best customer service possible by transferring callers to your partner, a live assistant or receptionist when you’re not able to answer. You can choose up to 10 different phone numbers to redirect your missed calls to by setting a different phone number for all digits between 0 and 9.

Why Customers Use It

Better Caller Care
  • Clients and customers can easily be redirected.
  • Callers have the option to speak to a different representative if they need immediate assistance.
  • More professional image by enabling call transfer as part of your call system.
Efficient & Time Saving
  • Sort through calls faster.
  • Quick and easy process that sets a secondary phone number to take your calls.
  • Especially helpful for managing clients even when you are not in office.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“I know my callers feel like they are important and taken care of.”
“Super easy to use and does such a great job of routing the right calls to the right people.”

Call Transfer FAQs

Q: How does Call Transferring actually work?
A: When you can’t - or choose not to answer an incoming call, YouMail answers the call for you, and plays a professional greeting for your caller. That greeting presents the caller with some choices – for example, that they can press 0 to connect to your assistant. YouMail takes care of routing them to whatever number is associated with their choice.
Q: Do I have to pay for minutes of calls that are transferred?
A: YouMail for Business includes virtually unlimited minutes of transferred calls. So those calls are basically free and you won’t have to pay extra when users pick a choice that causes calls to be transferred.
Q: How hard is it to set up?
A: It takes only a few minutes to plug in your choices and the numbers to which calls will be routed. You can even set that up right from your iPhone or Android phone. If you’ve ever worked with a PBX, you’ll find YouMail to be unbelievably simple.
Q: Do callers like this?
A: Definitely! Think about how often they might call your cell when you’re unable to answer. Your caller will often leave a voicemail message, and then try to call your assistant or your partner. And if they can’t answer? With YouMail, they call your cell and right away can press 0 to connect to your assistant or partner. No need to hang up and dial another number. They get the attention they deserve and walk away happy. That’s a win!