What is call routing?

If you’re unable to answer an incoming call, YouMail’s call routing service answers for you. The caller receives a premium greeting that offers callers smart routing options. For example, they can press 0 to connect to your assistant or 4 to reach your personal number.

YouMail then routes them to whatever number is associated with their choice. You can set 10 different phone numbers to be connected to digits between 0 and 9, allowing customers to get quick help for whatever they’re calling about.

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Why get call routing
from YouMail?

Missing important calls can mean missing crucial opportunities for you to grow. And the truth is – whether it’s a new lead or a long-standing customer – most people don’t enjoy leaving voicemail.

With YouMail’s call routing service, you can instantly forward any caller to any additional number you’d like. Unlike forwarding services from wireless carriers, YouMail allows you to enter multiple phone lines and doesn’t force callers into a single number. Plus, YouMail is far more affordable than PBX or IVR, which often costs hundreds of dollars per month.

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How can I get call routing
from YouMail?

You can start forwarding calls with YouMail’s call routing service today. Just choose a plan, then download the YouMail app for iOS or Android. Create your account, set your prompts and YouMail will begin forwarding calls to any phone numbers
you choose.

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YouMail's call routing
in action

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Download YouMail

You can download YouMail’s call routing service right on your mobile phone. It’s completely free to download and available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Add your phone number

You can start putting your call routing to work today. Simply add your current phone number – or create a second line – and YouMail will begin routing your calls.

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Support callers with your virtual assistant

When you miss calls, YouMail will instantly send them to your call routing service. You’ll then be able to help customers quickly and easily.

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Get Started Today

Downloading the call routing app is easy.
Sign up here, or get it from the App Store or Google Play.

Download on the App Store
Download on the Google Store

Get started today

Downloading the call routing app is easy.
Sign up here, or get it from the App Store or Google Play.
Download on the App Store
Download on the Google Store
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What our users are saying

Benjamin J. Testimonial

"This application gives you all the details you want and it's very simple and easy to use."

Benjamin J.

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Rose B. Testimonial

"Excellent. Significant reduction in spam and my friends enjoy the personalization when they call!"

Rose B.

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Alexander F. Testimonial

"This is absolutely an essential app in this day and age of so many frivolous calls. It brings much more efficiency to your voicemail."

Alexander F.

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Mary T. Testimonial

"Love this app! The personalized greetings are amazing! You can even trick bothersome callers with some greetings. Download this app!!"

Mary T.

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Frequently asked questions

YouMail’s call routing service allows you to instantly send missed callers where they need to go. With the touch of a button, callers can reach different departments or additional phone numbers you’d like to share with them. It’s simply the best service you can provide when you can’t answer the phone.

With YouMail, you can automatically route callers when you miss them to any additional number or department on your team. Simply set the numbers you’d like to route to, choose the digit you’d like to associate with that number and callers can select where they’d like to go, instantly.

YouMail replaces the need for a call center, putting your callers in control of where they’d like to be routed. They don’t need to talk to someone on the phone or wait on hold. Any caller can simply press a digit from 0 to 9 and be connected with someone on the other line.

The smart call routing service from YouMail allows you to link any number you’d like to a pre-recording greeting on your phone. That means, customers can call your number, hear a list of options and then press a digit on their phone to be connected to any phone line you’d like. We make it simple to set up and easy to use.