Respond to Missed Callers Instantly

Automatically Send TXT/SMS Messages to Callers When You’re Unavailable with Auto-Reply

Provide your callers with another contact point and give them a special calling experience. With Auto-Reply turned on, all or some of your callers (your choice) will receive a custom text message with a link to your very own Auto Reply page. It lets them know you received their call and when you’ll be available again.

Why Customers Use It

Better Caller Care
  • Automatically respond to new client leads and capture their contact info.
  • Build Rapport with Callers – Let users know that you received their message, and when you’ll get back to them.
  • Choose to have your website or email included with your message.
Ease of Use
  • Respond to missed callers without touching your phone.
  • Keeps things organized and efficient.
  • Simple set-up process by enabling the feature and typing in your custom away-message.
  • Stores multiple reply messages as multiple options.
  • Reply to all incoming numbers (this includes known and unknown numbers).

Why Customers Love YouMail

“It’s just great to have something like Auto-reply that keeps me connected to my customers.”
“There’s no way I can answer every call. Auto-reply feature means that I don’t have to.”

Auto-Reply FAQs

Q: Can I control who gets an auto-reply?
A: Yes, you have a lot of flexibility over who gets an auto-reply to a call and when they get it. For example, if you mostly want an auto-reply to go to new people who call you (so you don’t lose new business), you can set them up so only people who aren’t in your contact list and are calling for the first time receive it. Or, for example, if you want to send an auto-reply to people who hang-up, (so they know you’re aware they called and they are important to you), you can set up auto-reply up so that only callers who hang up get the reply. The possibilities are endless!
Q: What is a digital business card and how can I use it with auto-reply?
A: An auto-reply sends a link to a digital business card, which is a mobile landing page where people can go and learn all about you. It has your picture, a way to see your email or your web site, your social network links, and so on. The idea is that if someone calls you, and you can’t answer, the auto-reply gets back to them right away with a link where they can learn more about you. It takes only a few minutes to put the information in and YouMail creates the digital business card for you. Or if you want, the auto-reply can send them straight to your web site. Your choice.
Q: Do auto-replies work for calls from landlines?
A: Auto-replies are usually a text message sent to the number that called you. That doesn’t work with landlines. However, if you have auto-replies set up to go by both txt and email, and the landline appears in your address book, they can be emailed the auto-reply as well.
Q: Are auto-replies something that callers like?
A: We think so. At YouMail, we have sent many hundreds of millions of these auto-replies on behalf of our users. Most people like getting the instant response, and love having a way to turn a phone call into a text message or email messaging session.