With TrueCaller, you’re limited to spam detection and blocking. TrueCaller’s free app only offers caller ID and spam blocking while its premium plan advanced spam blocking without ads. YouMail offers a number of features of services, including spam call blocking, call screening, visual voicemail (transcriptions via text, email, and in app), call forwarding, custom voicemail greetings, second lines, and auto attendant. YouMail also offers plans for both personal and business use, allowing you to separate the two and make your life easier.

If you’re still wondering “is YouMail or TrueCaller better?” check out the helpful table and FAQs below.

Get Started
PriceFree, additional features available with paid plansFree (iOS and Android), Premium (iOS only): $2.99/month
User rating on app store4.7 (iOS), 4.4 (Android)4.5 (iOS)
Block robocalls from ringing phone
Add callers to block list and allow list
Totally free for mobile phones
(only caller ID and spam blocking)
Over 11 million users
Play "out of service" to robocallers
Filter out spam voicemails
Label robocallers in call log
Patented audio fingerprinting technology
Voicemail transcriptions
(limited number for free each month; more available in paid plans)

Personalized greetings
Auto Attendant
Virtual/second lines

Still on the fence?

Remember, TrueCaller is limited to call blocking and caller ID features. Its premium ad-free plan also offers limited features and costs $9.99/year. YouMail is a completely FREE spam call blocker with other great features beyond spam protection, so you can try us out without ever getting charged.
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Benjamin J. Testimonial

"This application gives you all the details you want and it's very simple and easy to use."

Benjamin J.

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Rose B. Testimonial

"Excellent. Significant reduction in spam and my friends enjoy the personalization when they call!"

Rose B.

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Alexander F. Testimonial

"This is absolutely an essential app in this day and age of so many frivolous calls. It brings much more efficiency to your voicemail."

Alexander F.

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Mary T. Testimonial

"Love this app! The personalized greetings are amazing! You can even trick bothersome callers with some greetings. Download this app!!"

Mary T.

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Frequently asked questions

TrueCaller is a caller ID and spam blocking app that offers a safe and efficient communication experience. While it’s effective at what it does, TrueCaller does not offer the variety of personalized and custom features that YouMail does. YouMail is constantly at work stopping spam calls and putting spammers out of business while also providing you with visual voicemail, call forwarding, custom voicemail greetings, second lines, auto attendant, and more.

TrueCaller offers its limited caller ID and spam blocking experience for free while also offering an ad-free paid plan for $9.99/month and a top-tier paid plan with visual voicemail and assistance voices for $49.99/year.

YouMail offers multiple features on our free plan, which includes spam call blocking, visual voicemail, personal greetings, and more.

TrueCaller makes money off of its expensive paid plans.

According to support.truecaller.com, you can deactivate/delete your Truecaller account by selecting the ‘Deactivate’ option by going to Settings > Privacy Center menu within the Truecaller app. Once you deactivate your account, go to www.truecaller.com/unlisting/ and enter the number that you want to remove.

Then, sign up for YouMail since we block your calls and offer other great features for free.

TrueCaller is a caller ID and spam blocking app, but protecting you from scammers and shutting down robocallers is YouMail’s highest priority. YouMail’s robocall blocking technology blocks spammers looking to steal your private information. From our free services to paid plans, YouMail reports illegal calls to carriers, enterprises, and the authorities, so they can locate, take down, and punish the callers.

YouMail offers far more features than TrueCaller on both free and premium plans, such as spam call detection and blocking, voicemail transcriptions via email, in app, or text, caller ID, call screening, high voicemail storage and transcription limits, and other features such as additional second lines, auto attendant, and after hours settings.