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Robocall Threat Sentry

Behavioral analytics that identify when owned TNs or upstream providers are originating threats.

YouMail customers are notified upon detection of suspicious behavior associated with a service provider’s owned TN or an upstream provider’s TN. This enables network operators to take appropriate actions to prevent origination or transit of unwanted robocalls.

  • Issues notifications when originating or transiting TNs originate robocalls
  • Web interface for TN watchlist configuration and visual analysis
  • Downloadable audio files for observed threats
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Robocall Mitigation

Threat database that powers real time call
treatment decisions.

A comprehensive list of suspicious telephone numbers with accurate threat scores enables service providers to mitigate threats when calls are originating, terminating or transiting their network. Detect robocalls in real time and apply call treatment that improves customer experience and reduces business risks.

  • Embeddable threat database for in-network deployment
  • Suspicious TNs include risk score and campaign descriptor
  • Database is continuously updated to reflect current threat activity

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