Robocall Mitigation

The highly accurate YouMail Threat Database can be deployed in the network signaling path to enable real time detection and mitigation of robocalls. Containing threat scores collected by the industry’s largest independent sensor network, the Threat Database enables service providers to deploy real time call treatments for calls originating, terminating or transiting
their networks.

Comprehensive Threat Database

Maintains a complete list of suspicious telephone numbers originating calls on the PSTN. The database provides accurate threat scores for each TN, including threat type (fraud, telemarketing, etc.), and unique actor and campaign identifiers. It is continuously updated to reflect current threat activity, ensuring data is never stale.

Immediate Threat Notifications

AI-driven Audio Threat Engine

Patented AI algorithms identify suspicious calls by analyzing audio and metadata from calls made to real subscribers in the YouMail Sensor Network. YouMail creates audio fingerprints that follow the originator across spoofed TNs and service provider networks. The Audio Threat Engine is effective regardless of attack duration, frequency, spoofing and other tactics.

AI Driven Audio Threat Engine UI

Live Call Sensor Network

The industry’s largest independent live call sensor network provides zero-hour detection of robocalls. It listens to billions of real calls delivered to consumers and businesses across all major U.S. service providers to accurately and immediately detect threats. Unlike honeypots, the YouMail Sensor Network samples calls across the entire PSTN, enabling it to detect a new campaign within the first 1-100 calls.

Intuitive Web Dashboard

Flexible Database Access

The Threat Database may be accessed via REST API or licensed for deployment in-network. Licenses include updates at frequent intervals to add and remove TNs, and adjust scores based on current activity. The API provides access to audio files and campaign metadata for use in investigations.

Flexible Database Access

Use Cases

Terminating call treatments

Service provider modulates the way it terminates calls based on the YouMail threat score for the source TN. Calls may be: Flagged by including YouMail threat information in the user’s call display; Redirected to a voicemail service or IVR; Routed normally.

  • Improve customer experiences
  • Provide added value service

Mitigate robocall origination

Detect suspicious calling activity by owned TNs, enabling service provider to remediate customer behavior before authorities are aware and take action.

  • Comply with TRACED Act mandates
  • Minimize risk of penalties and sanctions

Know your customer for attestation

Apply STIR/SHAKEN attestation to originating calls based on the calling TN’s threat score. Incorporate caller behavior into customer vetting processes.

  • Reduce operational friction and cost of validating customer legitimacy

Maintain clean gateway/transit network

Monitor calls entering the network for illegal activity and take action with peer service provider when robocalls are detected.

  • Improve customer experiences
  • Minimize risk of penalties or sanctions

TN hygiene

Lookup new TNs before assigning them to customers and ensure they have no fraud history.

  • Improve customer experiences

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