YouMail vs Join Me

Why YouMail is Better than Join Me

Everyone knows how frustrating conference calls can be when you're multi-tasking or just on the go. Trying to dial in to lengthy numbers and PINs while driving, for example, is not only difficult but can be dangerous. Our service tackles this annoyance and other common conference calling complaints by announcing callers by name as they join/leave the call, providing an automatic summary after the call and offering call recordings if needed.

How We're Better



Join Me


Free, additional features available with paid plans
Free trial, Business plan $25/mo

Can Record Calls

(with paid plan)
Only with paid subscription

Mobile App Available to Start Conference Call

Provides a Specific Conference Number

(Use personal phone number)

No PIN Required

Announces Caller by Name as They Join/Leave the Call

Host Receives Summary of Conference Call

(call summary emailed to host)

Our customers love how easy it is because there are no long numbers, no pins, not one extra step! Just e-mail/text people your cell number and call time. They call your cell and press 8. BOOM. They're in.

All you have to do is open your YouMail app, click on our logo from the bottom tab, tap "Start Conference" and then click "join." BOOM. You're in.

And YouMail Does Much More...

Virtual Receptionist

Incoming voicemails
Our virtual receptionist instantly greets, handles, routes, and responds to your callers, personally and memorably with custom greetings, auto-reply features, auto-forwarding and more.

Stop Robocalls

Incoming robocall
We've stopped millions of robocalls, IRS scam calls, spammers and other unwanted callers. Our call blocking app removes any and all numbers from robocaller lists – FOREVER.