Effortless Conference Calling

No funny numbers, no pins, no problems!

Depiction of Conference Calling
Just e-mail/text people your cell number and call time. 
They call your cell and press 8. They're in.

Join Effortlessly

Depiction of Join Effortlessly
Callers simply dial your cell and then push 8 to join the conference room. No funny numbers to dial. No pins to enter. It's that simple.

Automatic Announcements

Depiction of Automatic Announcements
Participants arriving or exiting are announced by name automatically. No need to record names when joining, and no more wondering who is on or who just left.  No more problems with noisy environments, either.

Automatic Summaries

Depiction of Automatic Summaries
At the end of the call, you get an e-mail with info on all the participants, and the time of the call, making it easy to follow up and forward to others. Participants calling in from their cell will be texted a summary too.

Call Recording

Depiction of Call Recording
Calls are recorded automatically and sent to you, so you have a complete record of all your calls and everyone can easily reference what was said.*

Dedicated Number

Depiction of Dedicated Number
Don't want people calling your cell for the conference call? Use an included second phone number, which you can distribute to anyone and everyone.*
*Indicates a feature requiring a paid YouMail subscription

How YouMail Works

YouMail replaces your voicemail with our intelligent call manager

People call your cell and press 8 to join

Everyone is in

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