Block Numbers On Samsung Galaxy S5 With YouMail

Try out better call blocking on the Samsung Galaxy S5

YouMail is an all-purpose visual voicemail app that contains the call blocking features you need along with an interface and features designed to simplify your voicemail and phone. Just look up YouMail on Google Play and install our app for free and see the many advantages of YouMail for yourself.

Block calls on-the-go from multiple devices

Since YouMail keeps your inbox and settings online, you can block or unblock a caller from any smartphone, computer, or tablet. YouMail gives you the option to block anything from a single number to everyone, and anywhere in-between.

Are you tired of dealing with telemarketers?

YouMail will happily deal with them for you. If a phone number has been consistently reported as a spammer, we will block them from calling you. Thanks to our Public Directory, we can even quickly add new spammers and auto-dialers to our database. If by any chance a blocked number does try to call you, YouMail will tell them your number is disconnected.
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call blocking instructions for YouMail.

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