Block Numbers On Jailbroken Android with YouMail

Your Jailbroken Android needs the best in visual voicemail

And you can get it for free and use it indefinitely! Trick-out your phone with YouMail's superior visual voicemail and call blocking features. Your carrier's visual voicemail and your phone's built-in call blocking can't compete!

Block anyone at anytime

Blocking callers is easier and more powerful than ever with YouMail's enhanced call blocking. Block a caller in seconds using any of your online devices and never hear from them again, thanks to YouMail convincing them that your number has been disconnected!

YouMail can block callers for you

YouMail's Public Directory identifies known telemarketers and spammers so that we can take care of blocking them for you. YouMail is also dedicated to your privacy, and does not trade any of your data to third-party advertisers.
jailbroken-android YouMail voicemail
Check out our Help Center for detailed
call blocking instructions for YouMail.

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