Here Are the Details

When you want to share a voicemail, YouMail generates a unique URL for that voicemail. That URL lets you share a voicemail simply by: 1) emailing that link, 2) posting that link to Facebook, 3) tweeting the link, or 4) even posting a link to the voicemail on your blog. When people follow the link to your shared voicemail, they will go to a unique web page which allows them to play or read the voicemail.

How Voicemail Sharing Works

We make it easy to collaborate. One click sharing means you can forward any message for quick attention. We make it private. You're able to share voicemails without sharing personal login details.
Sometimes we're just too busy to return a call right away. But if it's important, forward the voicemail to someone who can help!

Who Benefits from Voicemail Sharing?


Need to Delegate?

Whether it's for work or a personal matter, you'll occasionally need help. Sharing an important voicemail message makes it easy to delegate.

Want to share a referral or something funny?

We've seen people share voicemails of clients who left them a great referral. We've seen people share a voicemail when a service provider, like a contractor, left them a negative message and they want to make sure other people know what that person is like. We've seen people tweet voicemails that are just funny drunk dials. You name it, we've seen someone share a voicemail about it.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This application gives you all the details you want and it's very simple and easy to use."

Benjamin Jimenez

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"Excellent. Significant reduction in spam and my friends enjoy the personalization when they call!"

Rose Bambach

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"This is absolutely an essential app in this day and age of so many frivolous calls."

Alexander Frank

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"This app stopped me from changing my number again."

Mary Thomas

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Once you've downloaded the YouMail app, you're on your way to share voicemail messages via email, Twitter, Facebook, or Linked In. We have a Help Guide that outlines the specifics!

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