Easily Share Voicemails Online

Easily Share Voicemails!

YouMail Voicemail Sharing makes it easy for you to share your favorite or important voicemails with all of your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and online connections. Or share directly with SMS / TXT or email.

Why Customers Use It

  • One click sharing.
It’s Private
  • Share voicemails without sharing personal login details.

Why Customers Love YouMail

“Voicemail Sharing lets me easily share important voicemails with colleagues. Nothing falls through the cracks.”
“I shared a voicemail to my business Facebook page and the response was great.”

Voicemail Sharing FAQs

Q: Can I share a voicemail by simply sending people a link?
A: Yes. When you want to share a voicemail, YouMail generates a unique URL for that voicemail. That URL lets you share a voicemail simply by: 1) emailing that link, 2) posting that link to Facebook, 3) tweeting the link, or 4) even posting a link to the voicemail on your blog. When people follow the link to your shared voicemail, they will go to a unique web page which allows them to play or read the voicemail.
Q: When would I ever share a voicemail publically?
A: We’ve seen people share voicemails of clients who left them a great referral. We’ve seen people share a voicemail when a service provider, like a contractor, left them a really nasty message and they want to make sure other people know what that person is like. We’ve seen people tweet voicemails that are just funny drunk dials. You name it, we’ve seen someone share a voicemail about it.
Q: Can I share voicemails by email?
A: Yes, YouMail makes it extremely easy to share voicemails simply by emailing them. Our apps have a “forward by email” button – just tap it and enter the email addresses of the people you want to get a copy of that voicemail. You can also turn on voicemail to email, which sends you a copy of each voicemail by email, and you can simply forward those emails on. People who get them can either play the attached wav file or mp3 file, or they can hit a giant play button in the email.
Q: Is voicemail sharing free?
A: Yes, voicemail sharing is included in the free YouMail service, as yet another super cool feature that your wireless carrier’s visual voicemail isn’t going to have.