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If voicemail matters to your business, you need a reliable system that gives you control over your messages.

If you can't sit at a desk all day and answer calls, your mobile phone is likely one of your most important business tools. Unfortunately, you can't drop everything when the cell phone rings either, so you may spend more time with voicemail that you do with live callers.

How much time do you waste wading through long-winded messages at the end of a busy day?

Have you ever been delayed checking voicemail only to find out you missed a deadline or lost an opportunity?

Do you scramble to write down messages on sticky notes, napkins.. the palm of your hand? Or do you save as many messages as your wireless carrier allows before voicemail starts to randomly disappear?

Make handling voicemail as easy as email.

Your missed calls are captured online and sent to you as email messages, with the Caller ID, date, time and original voice recording included. You can even have messages automatically transcribed with high-quality voice-to-text, and receive them as an email or TXT message.

Messages can be viewed, searched and stored online for as long as you want - just like email.

If you're in a meeting or out with a customer when an important message comes in, use your smart phone or laptop to quickly view and forward the message to a coworker to handle.. or type a quick reply letting your customer know what time you'll get back to them.

Let YouMail be your personal assistant, and ..

  • Type and send phone messages to you via email or TXT
  • Consolidate and prioritize messages from multiple phone lines
  • Forward messages to others with the original audio file included
  • Organize messages online so you can easily find what you need
  • Greet your business contacts professionally, and your family members warmly

Are you checking messages on your business, mobile and home lines?

YouMail lets you manage calls from multiple phones in a single place. If you take calls from a business line, your home phone and your mobile phone, that's three voicemail systems or answering machines to check throughout the day.

And realtors love the ability to add a second phone number to their YouMail account specifically for their listings.

YouMail is a top free communication app for both Android and iPhone!

YouMail is supported by all major carriers in the US, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile, as well as major VOIP provides including Vonage, OOMA and MagicJack.

See why over 5 million users in the US and Canada trust us to answer their calls!