YouMail vs UberConference

Why YouMail is Better than UberConference

It's FREE, it's EASY and perfect for when you're multi-tasking or just on the go. But the best part? YouMail's conference calling feature automatically identifies and announces participants when they enter and exit the call. No more wasting time trying to figure out who might have dropped or redialed!

How We're Better





Free, additional features available with paid plans
Free, additional features $15/mo/line

Can Record Calls

(with paid plan)

Mobile App Available to Start Conference Call

Provides a Specific Conference Number

(Use personal phone number)

No PIN Required

(with paid plan)

Announces Caller by Name as They Join/Leave the Call

Host Receives Summary of Conference Call

(call summary emailed to host)

(available in app)

Our conference calling feature is a customer favorite. They love how easy it is because there are no long numbers, no pins, not one extra step! Just e-mail/text people your cell number and call time. They call your cell and press 8. That's it. Really. They're in.

And for you? Just open your YouMail app, click on our logo from the bottom tab, tap "Start Conference" and then click "join." That's it. Really. Now you're in.

And YouMail Does Much More...

Virtual Receptionist

Incoming voicemails
YouMail includes an automated virtual receptionist that greets callers by name or a customized greeting, and responds instantly to important callers with an automated text message linked to a digital business card, and also can automatically collect caller contact info.

Stop Robocalls

Incoming robocall
We stop robocalls by playing them a "Number Out of Service" greeting, taking YouMail users off their lists and stopping them from calling you from ANY number they use, not just the number they originally called from.

We also include an award-winning visual voicemail service, with a large inbox that stores messages permanently, accessible on any device or delivered by e-mail.