YouMail vs. Ruby Receptionists

Why YouMail is Better than Ruby Receptionists

Don't spend hundreds of your precious dollars for a service that only offers a set number of calls or minutes. Our FREE virtual receptionist memorably greets, handles, routes and responds to your callers personally and professionally.

How We're Better

FeatureYouMailRuby Receptionists
Automated System
Live People
PriceFree, additional features available with paid plansPlan A $259/mo
Custom Professional Greeting
One Voicemail Box
Mobile App
MinutesUnlimited100 min in Plan A
Receive Voicemail by Email
Receive Transcription of Voicemail by Email
(with paid plans)
Receive Voicemail Transcription by Text
Available 24/7Available 16 hrs/day
Route Calls
(Up to 10 extensions with paid plan)
Call Forwarding
(conditional call forwarding)
Call Blocking
Extra Phone Number
(with paid plan)

(6 numbers)
"Trial" period30 day money back guarantee21 day money back guarantee
Conference Calling

Still on the Fence?

Need more convincing? YouMail's virtual receptionist answers with custom greetings for each and every caller and transcribes your voicemails to text. Best of all, it's FREE and available 24/7.
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