YouMail vs Nomorobo

Why YouMail is Better than Nomorobo

YouMail is the proven solution to stop robocalls. We've identified billions of calls and helped protect our customers from robocalls, spammers, telemarketers and other unwanted callers (i.e., IRS scam calls). And it's 100% free.

How We're Better




Available for Cell Phone

Available for VOIP Line

Available for Landline


Free, additional features available with paid plans
Free for VOIP landlines/4.99 for VOIP landlines and smartphones (not currently available)

One-time Setup

Accuracy (lets legal robocalls like school closings etc through)

Number of Phones Protected

1 for every free YouMail account. Up to 10 lines with paid plan
Protect 1 primary + 3 smartphone devices for 4.99/mo

App Available to See Robocalls Blocked

Robocall Doesn't Ring Your Phone

(Rings once)

Robocall cannot leave you a message

Message Robocall Hears

"Out of Service" message.
"This phone is protected by Nomorobo. To prove you are not a robocaller please enter the number __. Again, please enter the number."

How Does Service Block Calls

User reports and a special algorithm to track number of calls made by a specfic number. If a number exceeds a threshold of calls made they are identified as a robocaller.
Utilizes a database of known, illegal robocallers compiled by the FTC and user reports.

If you're still on the fence, remember that YouMail is FREE and easily available for your mobile phone, landline and VOIP lines. With Nomorobo, their service is only available for landlines and you're stuck with a monthly fee.

YouMail Knows Robocalls

YouMail provides the YouMail Robocall Index, which estimates and tracks the size of the robocall problem in the US. And YouMail's solution is well known too:

And YouMail Does Much More...

Free Conference Calling

Conference call with group
Your mobile number gets an easy to use, always on free conference room. Callers simply dial your cell and then push 8 to join the conference room. No funny numbers to dial. No pins to enter. It's that easy.

Virtual Receptionist

Incoming voicemails
Our virtual receptionist instantly greets, handles, routes, and responds to your callers, personally and memorably with custom greetings, auto-reply features, auto-forwarding and more.