YouMail Professional
When Callers Are Your Customers

Mobile Phone System for On-The-Go Business Pros
Ideal for small business owners, sole proprietors or service industry providers.

YouMail Professional includes our award-winning Automated Virtual Receptionist plus these added features that up your game and help your business run better.

Depiction of Professionally Recorded Greetings
More than customized greetings for each caller, professional voice talent is used to make sure your greetings make an amazing impact. Just launch the 'Greetings' button within the app and type in your greeting. It's simple and easy to use.
Depiction of Auto-Attendant Call Routing
Callers get immediate attention even when you're busy. They'll have the option to press numbers "0 through 9" to get routed to the right person or department. You can choose up to 10 different phone numbers to redirect your missed calls for maximum coverage.
Depiction of Multiple Extensions
Give your business the appearance of a bigger company with multiple extensions. You also have the option to choose different area codes so you look like you cover more territory. Calls on these extensions can go straight to voicemail or ring your phone just like your primary line.
Depiction of Auto-Reply
Provide your callers with another contact point and give them a special calling experience. With Auto-Reply turned on, all or some of your callers (your choice) will receive a custom text message with a link to your very own Auto Reply page. It lets them know you received their call and when you'll be available again.
Depiction of Voice Message Routing
If you're out of the office and know you won't be available for calls, automatic voicemail forwarding sends a copy of every voicemail to a co-worker, assistant or anyone you choose. Add custom messages to include with your auto-forwarded voicemail.
Depiction of Conference Call Recording
Your cell number becomes a conference room – no PINS or 10-digit dial-ins. The added Conference Call Recording feature provides a complete auditable record of all conferences. The recordings are easy to access, easy to forward.


1. What's the biggest difference between the free plan and YouMail Professional?
Aside from all the many features listed above, you'll get 250 voicemail-to-text message capacity and unlimited storage for your messages.
2. What kinds of people are using YouMail Professional?
Really, anyone who uses their cell phone for work and gets a ton of calls. Small business owners or sole proprietors – accountants, lawyers, contractors, realtors, insurance agents – the list is endless!
3. How do I switch from free to paid user?
Easy! Just follow the link here and choose the pricing plan that works for you. Hint: The annual plan is a great deal, offering 20% discount just by choosing the annual plan instead of monthly.
4. What if I don't like it?
We're certain you'll love YouMail Professional. In fact, we're betting that you'll wonder how you managed your business without it! However, as always, YouMail offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee. If you don't love it, just let us know.

Here's what customers are saying about YouMail Professional

"They were right about improving productivity! I didn't realize how much time I was spending wrangling calls and messages. YouMail really is my virtual receptionist."
Tony A.

"Saving time is one thing, but it's also helping me maintain positive client relationships. My clients get immediate responses, even when I can't answer their call."
Shereen M.

"It's a competitive field, so any edge is critical. The fact that my callers can get a response – whether an auto text, email or routed to my website – means that they won't call the next business on their list."
Jody T.
2019 Stevie Gold Winner - American Business Awards