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YouMail for Other Mobile Phones

Turn your feature phone into a smart phone with
YouMail Mobile

Just point any web-capable phone

Finally, Visual Voicemail for non-Smart Phones

YouMail for Moblie Web gives you the benefits of visual voicemail while on-the-go when you don't have a smart phone.

You can play messages in any order, read your voice-to-text transcriptions, or share and forward voicemails just like you can from our full website, or from any of our smart phone clients.

Try it out today if you're missing out on next-generation iPhone voicemail or Android voicemail - you might be surprised how good it is!

How To Get It

YouMail for Mobile Web isn't an app you install - it's a basic mobile website that you can use with most feature phones.

Simply point your mobile phone web browser to and sign in.


  • Mobile web browser - we recommend Opera if your phone supports it
  • Data plan (for downloading voicemail)
  • Optional text plan (for TXT notifications)

Different device? Pick your phone for a voicemail makeover:
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YouMail is simply better voicemail.
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