YouMail for iPhone

The Call Manager you need for the phone that you love.

Customers love their iPhones even more when replacing their carrier’s system with YouMail’s call manager.

What Does it Do?

Virtual Receptionist greets, manages and responds to your callers. Our FREE virtual receptionist instantly handles, routes, and responds to your callers, personally and memorably. 24/7.
Free Conference Calling that turns your cell number into your personal conference room. Just email/text people your cell number and call time. They call your cell and press 8. They're in.
Stops Robocalls and protects from IRS Scam Calls, spammers and other unwanted callers. YouMail removes any and all numbers from robocaller lists – FOREVER.

Why Customers Love YouMail

YouMail has been a standout in the array of tools and apps that I have implemented.
Alice Cooper
Real Estate Agent, Adams Cameron & Co
Personalized greetings is a great way for me to give off the impression that I am more than a one-man shop.
James Walters
President, Strategic Insight

YouMail for iPhone FAQs

Q: How does the YouMail app different from the basic iPhone Visual Voicemail?
A: As a start, we stop robocalls, we provide super simple free conference calling, we provide an automated virtual receptionist to greet callers by name and automatically reply to them. And as an added bonus, we throw in a big cloud-based mailbox, organized in folders, and accessible on your computer and not just your phone!
Q: Is the YouMail app free?
A: Yes, the YouMail app is a free download, and the basic YouMail service is also free. We also have additional paid features for people whose callers are valuable – like customers and prospects – but tons of people go through life happily enjoying YouMail’s free service.
Q: Does the YouMail app work everywhere?
A: We currently work on all the major carriers in the US. You can replace your Verizon voicemail, your Sprint voicemail, your AT&T Voicemail, and your T-mobile voicemail with YouMail’s Intelligent Call Manager, as long as you’re not on a prepaid plan. We also support a number of other mobile carriers, landline carriers, and even a few Canadian carriers.
Q: How many people are using YouMail now?
A: Over 125 million people have called one of our YouMail users in the past year, and we’ve handled well over 5 billion calls for our users. That’s roughly half the phones in America.
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