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Here are the greetings we found matching: telephone

Thumbnail for Warning This call is being monitored by the telephone company
From: Boardwalk
Listens: 67676
Comments: 14

44 ratings
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Thumbnail for Answers To A Survey
From: AlanSmithee
Listens: 48092
Comments: 9

15 ratings
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Thumbnail for Unable 2 Answer (c. 1970's) feat. NYTel Owen Murphy Lady
From: Elmer
Listens: 51676
Comments: 7

37 ratings
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Thumbnail for Sorry - All Circuits Busy
From: TwoThumbs
Listens: 77575
Comments: 6

72 ratings
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Thumbnail for Sorry We Missed Your Call - Professional
From: ProVoice
Listens: 219864
Comments: 19

174 ratings
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Thumbnail for Homer I'll put you on hold
From: YouMailer30724
Listens: 134038
Comments: 12

137 ratings
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Thumbnail for Greek Then English Combo Greeting (Male Voice)
From: GreekMan
Listens: 19339
Comments: 8

22 ratings
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Thumbnail for Deposit Happiness at Christmas - Jane Barbe
From: Elmer
Listens: 18245
Comments: 1

13 ratings
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