Vote For Giuliani

Use this free "Vote for Giuliani" voicemail greeting to show that you support Giuliani in 2008 when people call your cell phone. "The person you are calling is not available. Please leave a message after the tone?and don't forget to vote for Giuliani."
Added: 8/15/07
From: elections2008
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Comments On This Greeting ( 7 )
At 9/20/07 3:30 AM, Mangos said...
Giuliani is a bad person and should NEVER be considered for president or any office of power. Giuliani only cares about upper/middle class white people.
At 10/5/07 12:19 PM, redheadeddude said...
Whew! I'm the president of middle class white people for Giuliani, so I guess it's okay.
At 10/6/07 7:37 AM, wintamute said...
Mangos, you are an idiot, get an education before you pull the lever please, oh yeah, vote for Barry Obama, people like you will...
At 10/24/07 1:46 PM, cohashi said...
dude, Giuliani only cares about his own wealth and status. Where was he when he skipped out of joining the 9/11 commission?
At 11/25/07 5:39 PM, *Anonymous* said...
NYC hates Giuliani. So do the fire fighters. That should tell you something right there.
At 11/15/09 4:57 PM, NYer said...
I know! Who would like a mayor that decreased crime and increased revenue, created jobs and improved the quality of life for most NYers. I know what the city was like before and after he took office, I was there. Anyone who can not see the dramatic improvement is blind.
At 12/26/09 5:56 PM, shmuelmalov said...

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