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Vote For Barack Obama

Use this free Vote for Barack Obama voicemail greeting to show that you support Barack Obama in 2008 when people call your cell phone. The person you are calling is not available. Please leave a message after the tone…and don't forget to vote for Barack Obama.
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The person you are calling is not available please leave a message after the tone and don't forget to vote for Barack Obama.
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At 6/5/08 07:36 PM, Bryman85 said...

Fuck that!!!

At 6/8/08 08:48 PM, Itsanewday said...


At 6/19/08 01:23 AM, Anonymous said...

So awesome, I got a McCain ad on this page... Go McCain!

At 6/25/08 03:53 PM, justin117 said...

How could anyone support this communist? He's for parial birth abortion! (look it up)

At 6/27/08 05:03 PM, hahadummies said...

im voting for barack NO MATTER WHAT

At 7/2/08 09:19 AM, Anonymous said...

Communist? Get your shit straight - look at what your party has done for this country. You must enjoy paying for George's war every time you fill your tank. Obama 2008!

At 7/2/08 09:25 AM, Anonymous said...

He's not for parial birth abortion, by the way. He's for state regulation and restriction. Big difference - you must spend too much time listening to McCain's ramblings.

At 7/2/08 07:29 PM, Anonymous said...

Fuck him....God damned coon ass nigger...

At 7/21/08 02:36 PM, Anonymous said...

You are seriously trying to campaign for your candidate here? Its just a greeting page! lol Vote (or not) for whoever you want to and because you want to. But please do not think you are going to change anyone's minds of the candidate they want by bashing them in a comments section of a free online cell phone voicemail service .

At 8/2/08 06:51 PM, dFLEXb said...

Obama for the win!

At 8/29/08 06:50 PM, CheladaGrl said...

Go Obama! It's time for this country to have a change. Who cares what the rest think. It was bound to happen sooner or later. If the people of this country don't want or didn't expect to have leadership from a Black man then all those slaves should never have been shipped here! Win Obama!

At 9/7/08 07:02 PM, Anonymous said...

obama 08!!!!!!!!!

At 9/9/08 06:29 AM, Anonymous said...

this is for post number 5. you will be better off fucking that whore McCain is running with.And don't forget your KKK outfit when you go vote for you cripple old ass great grandfather. You want some more DICK in your ASS if you vote for McCain. YOU dumb ass white racist.

At 9/10/08 02:43 PM, RicktheRock said...

Can't we all get along! Any change at this point will be good! Go America!

At 9/15/08 06:37 PM, Malvado said...

hahaha all you Anonymous bastards talking shit on here...dont comment with an Anonymous name...just shows what pussies you are and cant face reality

At 9/18/08 12:56 PM, staysee said...

curious... what exactly is PARIAL birth abortion?

At 9/18/08 12:57 PM, staysee said...

to Anonymous at 7/2/08 7:29 PM: be you male or female, please marry me

At 9/20/08 09:25 AM, Anonymous said...

You people are probably idiots born and bred in the South who can't tell their ass from their elbow. McCain is a corrupt piece of trash who does whatever lobbyists tell him to. His VP would be a heartbeat away from presidency, since the old man is going to die. Palin is a complete moron who is incompetent and thinks dinosaurs existed 4k years ago. Her lack of intelligence and McCains corrupt policies are a direct reflection on the modern American republican. Trashy and idiotic.

At 9/24/08 12:26 PM, jiminyjangles said...

I'm white, I'm against abortion 100% and I believe dinosaurs DID exist thousands of years ago... and I STILL have to vote for Obama... LMAO

At 9/30/08 05:28 PM, Anonymous said...

To the Internet Racist You are so Brave To get online and write nasty rude comments about people Nigger, Coon Whatever But when it comes down to it You can not Burst a Grape in a fruit Fight Stop Hiding behind the computers Take your Brave self Out in the Street and Tell Blacks FACE 2 FACE Just how much you hate Them because of their Race Go AHEAD. Truth is You are not gonna do anything Just keep Typing hate and hiding behind the computer calling people names Because you are angry and Unhappy with your life. So You Dont Like Black People Who Cares about what you think. Probably mad because a Well Endowed Black man stole your woman from you Yes Im Black Walk Up On ME Talking Crazy And You are going to Crawl Back I promise U that and Im still Voting for Obama Not because of his Race but because he is the better man for the Job Haters Everywhere

At 10/6/08 08:37 AM, sweetk said...

no need for the racist comment, this is still a free a country...vote for what you believe in.... i am obama 100 percent...we need a cange , and history is now revealing its self...i am in the main street...i need tax break... i need insurance .. i need beter education for my kids... we need peace... what do you need?

At 10/7/08 05:22 PM, justin117 said...

Yea, vote for partial birth abortion! vote for him if you want the UN to take our guns away. More taxes!!!!!

At 10/8/08 10:12 PM, NikSTAR said...

I see that most of these bad comments are left by Anonymous... u dont even have the balls enough to say f*** Obama for yourselves... IT DOESN'T TOO MUCH MATTER we all know who's takin the crown.... OBAMA BABY!!!

At 10/12/08 12:32 PM, last16years said...

Obama is an egomaniacal socialist

At 10/14/08 01:29 PM, Anonymous said...

Mccain can't even lift both hands over his head, and I would rather move to canada than have a so called hockey mom running our country.

At 10/16/08 08:26 PM, Teeny said...

Go Obama! I might have voted for McCain 8 years ago before he dropped out of the race, but there is no way that I'm doing it now. Obama all the way.

At 10/20/08 09:53 AM, votes4obama said...

Obama 08 Baby!!

At 10/20/08 05:24 PM, Anonymous said...

I am glad to see several of you voting for a muslim. So much for our nations security.

At 10/24/08 04:46 PM, Mike2254 said...

Wow, its sad that so many people think Obama is a Muslim. First of all if he isnt and second even if he was only a few Muslims are extremist.

At 10/24/08 04:49 PM, Anonymous said...

Look at all theese angry McCain guys that search for Obama just to bash him.

At 10/25/08 10:02 AM, dontcallmeillcallyou said...

Truly funny (but, really, more sad)! Trashing Obama, exhibiting racism and plain ignorance in a comment section for a voice greeting. Welcome to the 19th century.

At 10/28/08 05:53 PM, Bluefairy71 said...

Was just wondering..If Michelle Obama was a drug addict that stole money from a charity group, Barack was 70 something and couldn't even remember how many houses he owned, Their teenage daughter was unwed and pregnant and their supporters tried to kill McCain..would you vote for him?? tHE, WHY..ARE..YOU VOTING FOR MCAIN? Did you not know Cindy Mcain was an ex drug addict, that she stole money from a charity organization she was chair on and never even served a day in jail even though she admitted it? Think people, come on think!! When i see obamas supporters, they are every single race..Mcain...All White..oh i did see one chinese and a black guy last week, i almost fainted..lol!

At 11/10/08 04:40 AM, Littlemsceo said...

Some How I told you so just doesnt Say it OBAMA won he is our New President and Yes this means you Haters LOL Embrace it I mean its not like you can do anything about it! To my fellow Obama Supporters Hold On Help Is On The Way!

At 9/9/09 09:26 PM, Anonymous said...

the person you are calling can no longer afford his phone because a$$holes inflicted socialist medical services upon him

At 11/19/09 02:48 PM, Anonymous said...

How's that obama guy working out, SEIU? Socialism is great look at all the happy people in countries sucessfull trying it......................... oh, wait....... no success EVER.............. and trying it hurts people.................................. yay?

At 6/6/11 05:34 AM, Anonymous said...

Fuck Obama!!

At 6/6/11 05:34 AM, Anonymous said...

Fuck Obama!!

At 6/22/11 11:59 AM, lilbrat said...

All I'm saying is sometimes there's nothing better than a good, strong tree.. They help everyone breathe a little better :)

At 8/4/11 01:49 PM, feedthekoala said...

Obama's working out wonderfully. And I love this voicemail greeting!

At 6/3/14 04:52 PM, Jimmy15 said...

This turd and the government have ruined our economy and our country. Overthrow the government.

At 3/13/15 11:13 AM, Anonymous said...

screw all republicans straight in the bung..we all know they like it anyway. Closest pole washers

At 3/13/15 11:14 AM, Anonymous said...

@rd Term BABY!!! Whooo hooo!!

At 4/3/20 11:47 PM, Anonymous said...

WORST president in history!

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