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"Your service agreement does not allow calling the number dialed. For more information dial 611. message az01-62" This is a cool ditchmail greeting, I use it to screw with my college classmates, so that if they try to get ahold of me they think that there something is wrong with their service. The great thing is it's kinda universal it works whether your friends got iphone, motorola or blackberry
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Your service agreement does not allow calling the number dial. For more information dial 611. Message AZ 01 62.
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At 2/7/08 04:06 PM, Anonymous said...

Wow really good stuff!

At 3/31/08 01:23 PM, Cookieberry said...

This is hella funny. My mother would blow a gaskit!

At 5/20/08 06:01 PM, tudie said...

omg this is great!!!

At 5/27/08 08:47 AM, simplyren said...

hahaha.. she's gonna kill me for this!

At 6/1/08 02:26 PM, SiNJiN said...

Funniest thing ever...can't wait to try it out! ROLF!!!

At 7/6/08 12:35 AM, HisOnly said...

This is toooooooooo funny!!

At 7/11/08 04:21 PM, SuzyQute said...


At 8/18/08 10:27 AM, Anonymous said...

This is actually great if you're blocking a certain person, especially an ex who's annoying you. They'll think you called their phone service and had this done!

At 8/31/08 01:29 PM, lilzoi said...

this is very funny especially if the person had not pay there bill.LMAO

At 10/17/08 06:48 PM, Velizze said...

OMG 2 funny

At 10/30/08 02:13 PM, Anonymous said...

To make this really work & be really funny, have this ditchmail answer your friends call & when they call back pretend like nothing happened...lol

At 12/17/08 06:35 PM, zemak said...

really really cool!!!

At 3/4/09 04:28 AM, KILLBULLET said...

Now, THIS is a good one

At 4/27/09 05:17 PM, ShameldaMo said...

Love it!!

At 9/9/09 08:42 PM, Anonymous said...

SHOULD repeat twice

At 11/10/09 10:22 AM, Raq215 said...

Yo this is a good one.

At 12/5/09 06:55 PM, Anonymous said...

How do u download the voicemail? I'm able to get to it and all but whenever I click use this greeting it just loads and then brings me back to the start again.

At 4/17/10 11:03 AM, MSVEE said...

Thsi is the BEST EVER! LMAO

At 5/13/10 10:19 AM, Merlinwzd said...

Amazing- I will have to beat that one- but it is great! Thanks

At 7/10/10 08:42 AM, Joez said...

Love it! I agree with should repeat twice or more but sweet :)

At 11/16/10 12:13 PM, Anonymous said...

LOVE it!

At 4/10/11 05:08 PM, Anonymous said...

Definitely should repeat at least twice

At 4/20/11 03:04 PM, Anonymous said...

Great if you have a creditor that is calling you when you are one day late...Very good

At 8/22/11 05:04 PM, dsyoung said...

AWSOME APP....Agree with everyone else though, needs to repeat the message!

At 9/24/11 08:10 PM, morebillions said...

Awesome app

At 1/11/12 08:11 PM, JRGMP said...

I believed this recording is play to Prepaid T-Mobile costumers, when they try to call international numbers, the 611 number is for T-Mobile costumer service direct dial if you are a T-Mobile subscriber, and I agree with other posters, it should at least play twice, but is a very good greeting anyway.

At 1/24/12 04:51 PM, TXMom said...

I have AT&T, and I have to dial 611 to talk to customer service. So, it's not just for T-Mobile.

At 3/11/12 07:49 AM, Anonymous said...

LOL loved it!

At 5/29/12 10:13 AM, FancyP said...

i haven't used it, but i lstened to it and i love it

At 7/8/12 01:03 AM, Andy87 said...

It is 611 for tmbile AT&T and Verizon

At 7/19/12 01:12 PM, theihurt said...


At 8/18/12 06:44 AM, Anonymous said...

it didnt work when my ex tried useing iy with me when i kept calling

At 10/31/12 08:18 AM, melhart13 said...

I love it. Now i can get some peace when my ex wants to harrass me.

At 12/10/12 10:51 PM, Lillian85 said...

How do I make it a ringtone for iPhone

At 12/23/12 01:09 AM, Mrs_ShuttaBugg said...

Trying it out

At 2/13/13 08:42 PM, MLMinSD said...


At 10/29/13 08:11 PM, Anonymous said...

I forgot I had this set up for a specific contact. They went to Verizon 3 times just furious with them. Then I remembered...oops!

At 1/5/14 05:32 PM, josht4795309 said...


At 1/24/14 12:02 AM, Anonymous said...

This is great

At 2/15/14 07:09 AM, rdiv78 said...

What the .?

At 4/9/16 12:01 AM, MERLINTHE1ST said...


At 8/22/16 05:48 AM, SteveniPublic said...

Nice, we need one that will really fool, especially fer collectors & spam

At 10/21/17 06:00 PM, CompetitionsSpecialized said...

I like it

At 2/14/18 06:58 PM, Anonymous said...

Funny af

At 2/17/18 08:55 PM, Jeremytodd007 said...

It doesn't work, how do er get t to work?

At 2/20/18 09:16 PM, gman2k4 said...

Doesn't work as of 2/20/2018

At 3/1/18 08:48 PM, OurselvesFossil said...

It states it can not be added to my phone to report to YouMail! Youmail, can you assist or what?

At 3/14/18 06:45 PM, WCarroll said...

I like it!

At 3/30/18 10:03 AM, gman2k4 said...

Still broken smh

At 6/30/18 09:31 PM, Anonymous said...

Its the real AT&T guy! Dope, dude....

At 8/16/18 01:16 PM, Anonymous said...

Love it Just plain awesome.

At 1/31/19 11:11 AM, tekknokat said...

The greeting alone is great, however I couldn't use it because the volume is so low, even on external speaker or studio headphones it just is not audible. The recording level of the recording device was not strong enough, or needed post production amplification. Thank you though, if I run across any DIY amplifying technology I will try to boost the volume of this recording to a level anyone can hear.

At 5/25/20 09:10 AM, Registereduser7 said...

The description

At 5/25/20 09:11 AM, Registereduser7 said...

The description does not match the recording.

At 5/17/21 11:08 AM, Anonymous said...

This one is back from the dead-611? Now 611 or 611611 is about 50% of the MNVO help lines. Great legal and worth your time hustle if you can do a bit of repair work. Get a line on SIM CARDS-if you can find one go with the BOOST BYOD Activation kit because it's compatible with just about every phone old or new. Rehab an old Obama Phone . You can find those ZTE UMX etcetera for free tov5 bux. Sellthe activated unlimited talk text data (2 GB then email sped only or use wifi)ad 50 dollars for a working activated with 30 days of service days service,less-40 for your neighborhood Outsiders up to 100 and they will be happy. The big carriers are worse than ever and everyone seems to need or badly want a spare .

At 11/26/21 01:11 PM, NinoMalo said...


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