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Brian Fair from Shadows Falls greeting supporting PeTA
Added: 12/13/07
From: peta
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Comments On This Greeting ( 3 )
Comment Icon At 11/27/09, 11:58 AM, *Anonymous* said...
Its funny how all these fruit loop animal rights activist worry about animals but don't give a darn about human lives in their own country. How about all the mistreated and aborted human babies that probably feel no pain while their heads are being ground up. Or is it better that a animal supposedly suffers so we can eat. Fruit loops. Get behind a real cause that god is behind like the children he created in his own image. Guess what, I own a dairy and the animals are treated more humane than people are in this country. Let me remind you, god didn't create animals in his own image for a reason. Everyone would be a vegetarian if it wasn't for the fall of man in the garden. You don't have to argue with me, go argue with god and see who wins that one.
Comment Icon At 2/17/10, 1:58 AM, nomadnelraf said...
What a completely idiotic comment. How do you know what the individual employees/supporters of this one specific organization care about or don't? I've done lots of activism and leafletting for PETA campaigns in the past, and I've also served meals I helped prepare myself for the homeless on Wednesday nights for a time, I've volunteered at Planned Parenthood so as to help women receive services morons like you want to take away from them, and I've worked as a project liaison for a non-profit's orphanage in the state of Michoacan, in Mexico. I had the chance to intern at PETA's headquarters in VA and meet the actual people that work there. You should do the same before talking about things you don't understand.
Comment Icon At 10/5/13, 2:37 PM, *Anonymous* said...
This would be great for vegan friends and associates but ad for website at the end prevented me from grabbing this one.

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