Al Gore on Global Warming

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Short message about the seriousness of global warming, followed by please leave a message for this caller <P> <P> <P> <P> Live earth global warming al gore
Added: 6/29/07
From: Elvis
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Comments On This Greeting ( 6 )
Comment Icon At 6/10/08, 2:07 AM, Forys said...
Hahahahaha ... this one should be listed under Funny .. what a total hypocrite! cracks me up how the same people who hate GW Bush for his financial actions while in office, are the same who look the other way and CONDONE even what Al Gore is doing as he profits HEAVILY by spreading his global-warming propaganda ... all while he remains one of the worlds greatest individual gross-polluters himself hahaha .. what a duche!
Comment Icon At 11/13/09, 11:39 AM, ihatealgore said...
i agree.. this guy is a tool
Comment Icon At 1/2/10, 9:55 PM, *Anonymous* said...
This man is doing great things with his time, while you are sitting there belittling someone who actually deserves global respect. Get an education people?
Comment Icon At 1/24/10, 9:34 PM, *Anonymous* said...
I'm sorry, but Al Gore is a retard... Global Warming is a joke. The heating up of the atmosphere has nothing to do with greenhouse gases. Check the records of solar activity. They obviously and inexcusably correspond to the Earth's temperature. Plus, the atmosphere has been cooling for the past 8 years! How do they explain that?
Comment Icon At 3/11/10, 12:07 PM, ChrisATL said...
Gore is a liar and a nut case. Anyone who doesn't realize that is Brain dead!
Comment Icon At 10/7/11, 5:25 AM, BarrySoetoro said...
OMG this guy is the biggest sloth duche-bag. His carbon footprint grows faster from his dumps than from all of the autos and planes in the world! This guy is so full of sh1t his dogs try to eat him when he lays in the same place too long! LIES LIES LIES anyone who believes this BS is BS

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