30 seconds of 97 Hz tone

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WAV uploaded uncorrupted by mp3 distortion. Send feedback to YouMail until they approve my awesome 60 seconds of silence ditch greeting... as well as all my other awesome greetings
Added: 12/30/09
From: MeAgain
Listens: 13092
Tags: eerie annoying error protest bogus tone hz chastity hold annoy sine gpl fake ditch

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Comments On This Greeting ( 6 )
Comment Icon At 12/30/09, 10:53 PM, Spooky said...
And...this is BELOW the lower frequency limit of the telephone network (300 Hz). First network interface filters this right out.
Comment Icon At 2/17/11, 8:17 AM, Spooky said...
Either you left out a zero, or this won't work. 97 Hz is WAY outside of the 300 to 3400 Hz (and with less-than the theoretical brick-wall filter, up to 4000 Hz, at which point DS0's 8 kHz sampling rate chops it cold) limit supported by the telephone system. In other words, it goes as far as the local telco's switch, and gets filtered out before it even has a chance to go any further. And THAT assumes it even gets THAT far....if YouMail has their own private switch (PBX or Centrex service from the telco), which they likely do, it will be blocked there. Either way, it won't get through.
Comment Icon At 2/17/11, 8:23 AM, Spooky said...
Correction..I was still thinking high-frequency stuff. The 8 kHz sampling (PAM) when converted to digital will NOT block the lower frequencies. But they are still filtered, so my basic point is still valid......
Comment Icon At 4/10/12, 6:15 AM, *Anonymous* said...
pedantic much?
Comment Icon At 4/10/12, 6:16 AM, *Anonymous* said...
either this will be annoying or this will be silence... either way it wastes the callers time
Comment Icon At 4/14/13, 2:12 PM, *Anonymous* said...
awesome! low frequency is a battlefield WEAPON

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